Secretária, computador e cadeira simbolizando o preencher da declaração de IRS

Differences in IRS declaration? Find out how to resolve them.

Your IRS statement showed discrepancies? The Tax Office explains how to resolve it. Find out next.

07 Jun 20241 min

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IRS discrepancies: Recheck values to resolve the issue.

In a shared post on the social network Instagram, the Tax Authority explains how to proceed in case your IRS statement appears with discrepancies.

At this moment, more than four million have already advanced with the fiscal responsibility of submitting the income tax return, but many face discrepancies in the declaration status.

So, if you have disagreements with the Tax Authority (AT), how can you proceed? 

According to the published information, the AT explains the step-by-step process to consult discrepancies and resolve them:  

  • In the Finance Portal, you should search for "IRS discrepancies";
  • After, select "Discrepancies";  
  • Then, after checking the values: 
  • If correct - Send justification with attached proof;  
  • If incorrect - Submit a replacement declaration.  

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