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DECO advocates for the social energy tariff discount to be paid by the state.

Through the current model for energy social tariff, consumers may experience an increase in electricity costs. Find out DECO's perspective here.

26 Apr 20242 min

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Energy social rate "should be funded by the State"  

Currently, the discount on the social energy tariff is covered by consumers, with a new model that could lead to a slight increase in electricity costs.  

However, the DECO PROteste, according to Notícias ao Minuto, argues that this discount should be paid by the State, through Social Security or the State Budget.

"The social electricity tariff protects consumers with lower incomes, ensuring them access to an essential public service at lower prices. Being a tool of social policy, DECO PROteste argues that this tariff should be funded by the State, through funds allocated in the State Budget or Social Security, ensuring non-discrimination and progressiveness," reads the quote from the news article.

With the model now in force, approved in October 2023, consumers may feel an increase in the cost of electricity.  

Approved by the Government in October 2023, the new model for financing the social electricity tariff - a discount that applies to families with lower incomes - shares the costs of this tariff between energy producers and retailers, who will in turn be able to reflect this burden on the bill paid by the end consumer," explains DECO on Notícias ao Minuto.

So far, "this rate was paid only by electricity producers", however - with the new sharing model, "so that more needy consumers continue to benefit from a discount on their electricity bill, the bill of the remaining consumers may increase".

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