Vai reformar-se e quer comprar casa numa zona pacífica? O Alentejo é para si

Are you retiring and want to buy a house in a peaceful area? Alentejo is for you

The retirement is coming and it's time to relax? Many Portuguese, when their careers end, want to move to a more peaceful area where they can enjoy their retirement. And Alentejo is always one of the most chosen options: Let's see why.

22 Aug 20235 min

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Are you decided? Is it to the Alentejo that you want to go rest in your new home? We can move forward now.... Contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto and let the agents deal with it. Just like if you need a housing loan, you can contact the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto. But if you still have doubts, find out more about the Alentejo in this article.

Alentejo: The peaceful paradise in the South of Portugal

The Alentejo is a region located in the south of Portugal, between the Tagus river and the Algarve. It conveys peace and tranquility, being bathed to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and the extensive rural and sparsely populated region.

Because of its extension, one can see beautiful landscapes, archaeological, monumental, architectural, and ethnographic heritage. This attracts the attention of many tourists for the beauty of nature and culture, but also nationals who take vacations within the country. Living in Alentejo has always been an option for some.

The Alentejo region is characterized by its wheat fields, cork plantations, and vineyards that leave no one indifferent. Each small village is characterized by meadows of wildflowers, traces of the Stone Age, and a coast always with beaches of a beauty capable of taking your breath away.

And the Alentejo delicacy? They say it's to eat and cry for more.

But the main attractive point of Alentejo is, of course, the food... Alentejo cuisine is the most appealing characteristic for visitors.

In the restoration of the various villages of Alentejo, you can taste the typical food such as fish soup, açorda, migas, Alentejo-style pork, gazpacho, lamb stew, game dishes, and also traditional pastries.

The Alentejo region is made up of numerous villages, all with top restaurants where you can taste traditional Alentejo cuisine.

But we made a selection, according to the highest rated restaurants on Google: in Évora you can find "5amêndoas", "Restaurante Típico Guião", and "O Trovador"; in Viana do Alentejo "A Romeirinha", and in Reguengos de Monsaraz "SEM-FIM".

In Alentejo, besides eating, there's much more to do.

In addition to tasting Alentejo cuisine, in each village, there are numerous monuments to visit, as well as landscapes to admire.

Firstly, you should know that there are two Alentejo cities that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage: Évora and Elvas.

In Évora, you can essentially visit the remains of the Stone Age, such as the Roman Temple, medieval walls, ancient mansions, and Moorish alleys. Another main attraction is the famous Praça do Giraldo. In Elvas, you cannot miss the visit to Forte Nossa Senhora da Graça.

We also highlight the Roman Ruins of São Cucufate in Beja, the Vale do Guadiana Natural Park in Mértola, and the Ducal Palace (last residence of the Portuguese monarchy) in Vila Viçosa.

The Alentejo is also known for its Costa Vicentina, which includes the parish of Vila Nova de Milfontes, part of the Southwest Alentejo Natural Park, with its famous beaches.

And it is also in Alentejo that belongs to Arraiolos, known for its Arraiolos carpets! It is in this land that you will find tapestries, but not only that. The characteristic Arraiolos Castle or the Divor Reservoir are also points that you cannot miss visiting.

How to get to Alentejo? Count on a vast transport network.

The Alentejo region has a vast network of transportation that allows visitors to arrive and depart easily. For those who live there, it is a significant advantage, as they can travel to other parts of the country quickly.

Now let's see: through the road route, by car, you have the following axes that take you to Alentejo: IC1, N2, N120, N122. From the capital, it's only a two-hour drive. From abroad, there is the international road axis N431 coming from Huelva, Spain.

If the option is bus, you can choose rede expressos from various locations with international access as well. There is also Flixbus that takes you to points like Évora, Aljezur, and Beja.

But the train is also one of the transportation options, with the Alfa Pendular that connects it quickly and conveniently to the Alentejo. The intercity train also stops at various routes, such as the Lisbon-Algarve.

And reaching Alentejo by plane? It's also possible. The closest airport is in Beja, then there's Faro and also Lisbon.

Finally, there is still the maritime route through the Port of Portimão Cruises.

Buy a house in an Alentejo mount: Casa no Minuto helps

Are you looking to buy a house in Alentejo? For those seeking a holiday home, residence - if they can work remotely, or, especially if they have retired - looking for a peaceful location, this is the ideal area.

It is the dream of many Portuguese to buy a house in an Alentejo hill after retiring, to live a peaceful end of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Therefore, if you fit into one of these contexts and want to buy a property in Alentejo, put your concerns aside. Use the services of a real estate agency, like Casa no Minuto, and let them take care of everything for you. And in case of financing, turn to the services of credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto. Before you know it, you will be living in the tranquility of the Alentejo hills.


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