Troia and Comporta: The advantages of buying a house near the sea

Troia and Comporta: The advantages of buying a house near the sea

The Tróia Peninsula and Comporta are two famous Portuguese paradises known for their beaches. For many, it has always been a holiday destination, but now it is also becoming a place to settle down. Discover the advantages of living in this area.

11 Aug 20235 min

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Are you looking for a property near the sea? Casa no Minuto can help you find the right house for you. If you are interested in the Troia and Comporta area, read on to discover the best this coast has to offer.

Ideal destinations for those looking for a paradise with tranquility.

Troia and Comporta are the ideal destinations for those looking for a paradise, with the tranquility and serenity of nature.

With its long coastline of white sand and calm, crystalline waters stretching from one municipality to another, this area does not leave anyone indifferent passing by.

There are many international visitors who come to spend their holidays in the area and end up falling in love and choosing to buy a second home there.

From the Tróia peninsula, the standout beach is Tróia Beach, and in Comporta, the famous Carvalhal Beach (the most frequented by tourists and locals who have invested in properties in the area).

And this area is not only surrounded by nature in the vast landscapes of Tróia and Comporta, but also by the Arrábida Natural Park and the Sado Estuary. And yes: it is precisely in these waters where dolphins are frequently sighted.

Services and leisure spaces have come to life in Tróia and Comporta.

Troia and Comporta promise to offer all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life: from services to leisure spaces.

Over the years, it is an area that has been increasingly developed, with more and more restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. For example, the famous Spanish restaurant 100 Montaditos recently opened at the Tróia marina.

When it comes to leisure spaces, the famous Troia Casino and Troia Golf (one of the best golf courses in Europe) are also located in the Troia Peninsula.

In Comporta, you can find the famous 5-star hotel "Sublime Comporta" and various places to watch the sunset, like the Palatifico Pier in Carrasqueira.

But Tróia and Comporta are mostly a refuge for their beaches, landscapes, and the leisurely way of life. Is there a better leisure activity than doing nothing and enjoying the beauty of the views?

Paradises a ferry ride away

To get to Troy and Comporta, there are some options: you can go directly by car; you can leave the car in Setúbal and take the ferry at the Docks to the Troia Marina; you can also take the car on the catamaran to Troy, or take transportation to Setúbal and then take the ferry at the Docks.

The ferry/catamaran crosses the river in less than 20 minutes. If driving a car, you will need to travel to Comporta in this way. Traveling on foot via ferry to Comporta may be more complicated, with options like taxi or bicycle.

From Lisbon, it is just an hour and a half away by car, and 40 minutes from the 25 de abril bridge, which takes you to another long coastal area in Costa da Caparica. In just over an hour, you reach the closest airport: Lisbon International, in Portela.

Troia and Comporta are the focus of international celebrities.

Tróia and Comporta have been two municipalities highlighted when it comes to buying a house by international celebrities. Whether to escape the noise of the lights, or simply as an investment.

We have the example of Chris Louboutin who started by buying a house in Comporta, then trading it for another in the surrounding area, in Melides.

Also George Clooney is one of the personalities currently investing in a luxury property near Comporta. The celebrity will be the owner of a plot of the Costa Terra Golf & Ocean Club project, which is not yet completed.

Why buy a property in Tróia or Comporta?

Buying a property in Tróia or Comporta may make sense if you want to: invest in a property, for example, renting; a vacation home, or to live (if you can work remotely or are retired).

Digital nomadism is increasingly a concept present in the current vocabulary, also among the Portuguese. It was a phenomenon that grew with the pandemic and opened the eyes to a new professional work model.

So, nowadays there are many companies that allow telecommuting, without the need for the worker to commute to a fixed location. There are even companies without headquarters, with 100% remote workers. This allows them to work from anywhere.

For others, being able to settle in a paradisiacal place like Tróia or Comporta can be a dream. Working to the sound of the sea, with feet in the sand and a stunning view is the ideal scenario. Can you already imagine yourself taking a dip during your break?

If this is your scenario, Casa no Minuto can help. If you are looking for a property in this area, real estate agents are available to find the perfect property for you, through a fast and personalized service.


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