Será Campo de Ourique uma boa zona para morar?

Will Campo de Ourique be a good area to live?

When looking for a property to purchase in the capital, the options are vast. Therefore, it is necessary to know and evaluate several areas to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. Should Campo de Ourique be an option to consider? Get to know the Lisbon area, with some of the trendiest shops and restaurants, in this article.

25 Oct 20234 min

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Do you want to use a real estate agency to buy your house? Do you need financing? Casa no Minuto and Poupança no Minuto offer real estate and credit intermediation services, respectively. Contact us and move forward today! But first, get to know the parish of Campo de Ourique, to understand if it is a neighborhood where you would like to live.

Discover Campo de Ourique: A trendy area in Lisbon full of shops and restaurants.

Campo de Ourique represents one of the most traditional areas of Lisbon, located on the tram line of Prazeres with direct access to the city center, from Praça da Figueira to the old cemetery.

It is characterized by the tree-lined avenue that gathers some of the trendiest fashion stores and restaurants in Lisbon.  

In addition, scattered throughout the parish are buildings from the pastel-colored Art Nouveau period, and a well-known international primary school right in the heart of the neighborhood.  

The familiar feeling is common throughout the parish, thanks to the cafés with terraces that have tables and chairs along the sidewalk. And for furry friends, there is also a dedicated space: a dog park.

At the famous Campo de Ourique Market, you can also see your needs answered. This market has for sale, both local brands and designers, as well as pet shops, kindergartens, bookstores, meals to eat or take away, fruit and vegetable stalls, and a local market.

Moving from Campo de Ourique 

In terms of access, it is an area not far from the main center and is surrounded by a wide network of road transport .

From Campo de Ourique, you can reach Lisbon Airport in just 15 minutes by car, or 40 minutes by public transport.

In the area, you can find several bus links that take you to other transportation points like the subway at São Sebastião or the train at Sete Rios.

Within the parish, you find all amenities within walking distance, especially with the iconic Amoreiras Shopping Mall.

Surrounding it, is the iconic Amoreiras Shopping URL.

Just a 10-minute walk from the center of Campo de Ourique, you can access the Amoreiras Shopping, Lisbon's first shopping center.  

This shopping mall was initially received controversially, but after its completion in 1985, it quickly proved to meet the needs it set out to address.  

As a good complement to the residential area of Campo de Ourique, the shopping center features numerous internationally renowned brands, local chocolatiers, boutiques, and even a panoramic viewpoint. Last Christmas, the center displayed an live videomapping installation outside, translated into a Christmas lighting. Inside, every year a presentation with thousands of moving mechanical pieces is installed on the main staircase.

Next to the mall, you can visit the Amoreiras Garden, with a small central kiosk, which allows the gathering of friends, walks, and a children's play area aimed at fun for kids.

Around this area, in terms of health, there is Santo António dos Capuchos Hospital, as well as several private clinics.  

Campo de Ourique and Amoreiras are still areas filled with gyms, like Holmes Place, and green spaces, with Monsanto Forest a few minutes away.

Campo de Ourique: Buy a house in the area.

So, will Campo de Ourique be a good area to buy a house and live? Being located in such an idyllic area of Lisbon, close to the center, it is surrounded by services that meet all the needs of a family.

If you want to be a resident in this parish, know that it can be a good choice: the properties for sale here are some of the most sought after in the capital.

By buying a house in Campo de Ourique, you are located between the traditional neighborhoods of Estrela and Alcântara.

So, if you are looking for a property to acquire in Lisbon, these are all the reasons why you should choose Campo de Ourique, if they have pleased you.

Let's move forward? The real estate agency Casa no Minuto is available to find the right property for you, and proceed with the entire purchase operation helping with all the bureaucracy.  

And in case you need a mortgage also (and free of charge) you can contact the credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto to acquire your new home in a relaxed way.


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