Quero comprar casa. Qual o primeiro passo?

I want to buy a house. What's the first step?

Buying a house is an important decision in our lives, which should be studied in advance. Therefore, you should know the essential requirements. For this search, it can help to have a real estate consultant by your side. Let's see what the first step is, and how a real estate agency can help you in the process.  

28 Nov 20233 min

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Already know you want to buy a house and have all decisions made? Do you need a real estate agency? Turn to Casa no Minuto! And do you also need financing? Turn to the credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto. Or understand first what you should do before moving forward with the search, in the following.

First: Make decisions about what you want and prefer.

When you make the decision to buy a house, you need to decide on many other related issues. Even if you don't decide on everything 100%, have some ideas about your needs and preferences.

This is: Define a area where you want to live , specific locations, details about the house, such as the type of property (apartment or house), the typology, the floor, need for terrace/balcony, garage, elevator, among others.    

Take into account various aspects, considering future: Is this a house where you want to live temporarily or a house of the future? If it is a long-term residence, and, for example, you want to have children, consider that the house should have more bedrooms.  

As for location, consider that a house in a good location is subject to a higher Municipal Property Tax (IMI) value.

If you establish these requirements in advance, it will be easier to search for (and find) the perfect house.

After: You can help contact a real estate agency.

The next step may involve asking for help from a real estate agency. Having a real estate consultant with you can help you throughout the entire process, closely following you with their market and area expertise.

A real estate agency can: 

  • Search and find the property suitable for you;  
  • Helping you with the necessary documentation for the acquisition process; 
  • Negotiate the purchase price with the owner;  
  • Guide you through the entire process with its vast knowledge.

Hiring a real estate agency has an associated cost: a commission that can vary between 3% to 5%, but the advantages can make up for it. Having access to a close and personalized service, as provided by Casa no Minuto, to buy your dream home without doubts or complications, may be priceless!  

Finally: Make the purchase proposal for the property.

Also, to make a purchase proposal for the house you intend to acquire, it may make sense to have a real estate agency by your side. The real estate consultant with market knowledge can advise you on the minimum value you can propose and help negotiate the value with the owner.

This is because making the right and coherent proposal can also help you secure the property you want to stay in. Since, currently, the supply is low, there may be other buyers. And having a real estate consultant by your side, they can consult the seller to understand their expectations when selling the property and make a proposal that meets what they expect.  

Let's start looking for your dream property? Contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto to take the first step, and the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto, and (if all goes well) go all the way to have the key in your hand!


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