Want to buy a house in Ericeira? Get to know the wave city.

Want to buy a house in Ericeira? Get to know the wave city.

In Ericeira, known as the surf village and digital nomads paradise, many are now seeking to live there due to its beautiful landscapes and long beaches. And the best part: It's only 30 minutes away from the capital. Discover the benefits of this area.

10 Aug 20235 min

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Ericeira: The international city of surfing

Located in Mafra, the town of Ericeira is known for its famous waves that are home to several international surfing competitions.

It was in the sea of Ericeira that surfer Garrett Mcnamara, the record holder of the biggest wave surfed in the world in 2011, filmed the second chapter of his documentary series Surf Trip. The Mcnamara Surf Trip aimed to highlight the best of Portugal, focusing on this city as one of the main tourist attractions in the country.

The beaches of Ericeira are a striking point, due to their landscapes and amenities that give the air of their grace to this area, as if you were living in a holiday destination all year round. There are 40 beaches in Ericeira, with Praia do Norte, Praia dos Pescadores and Praia do Sul being the most well-known. To the north of the city center, there is also Praia de São Lourenço 6km away, a 10-minute drive distance. Living in a holiday destination all year round.

Due to the popularity of the big waves that Ericeira became known for, the city now comes to life not only in the summer, but throughout various seasons. The surfing paradise is now enjoyed by many as a pleasant place to live. Besides being located on the Portuguese coast, Ericeira also ensures the urban tranquility necessary for family life.

In Ericeira, seafood is one of the main highlights

It is in the local waters of Ericeira that fishermen catch fresh fish and seafood that characterizes this village. The old fishing village is known for its gastronomy and municipal market, offering quality products.

The town of Ericeira is made up of typical stone streets, with modest white and blue painted houses and buildings, offering numerous restaurant options. In Praça da República, the center of the neighborhood, is where you can access the market.

As restaurants where you can taste the famous seafood, we highlight the seafood restaurants "O Rochedo", "Estrela do Mar", "Onda D'Mar", and the esplanade "Furnas". In these establishments you can enjoy dishes such as clams à bulhão pato, gilt-head bream fillets, seafood rice, gazpacho, rich seafood soup, among other typical dishes.

From Ericeira, it is a half hour away from the capital

Living in Ericeira is not synonymous with living in the remote areas of the country. Nowadays, it is possible to easily access the center of the capital. Not only through public transportation, but also through the roads A1, A8 or A21.

From Ericeira, it is only a half-hour drive from the capital as well as from Lisbon's international airport. By car, it is also just 10 minutes away from Mafra National Palace and Mafra Convent.

It is worth mentioning that the city is surrounded by several bus connection points, which transport you to Campo Grande or Sete Rios.

Therefore, living in Ericeira and working in Lisbon is an adaptable situation at the moment, for those who want to live by the sea, away from the daily urban hustle and bustle of professional life.

In terms of amenities, Ericeira is not far behind

In addition to quality gastronomy, Ericeira also offers all the necessary services for a comfortable life.

From various supermarket chains, to security services, health, cleaning, good air quality, schools, Ericeira can meet all the needs of your family.

As highlights, in this area you can also find Municipal Swimming Pools, a Sports Group, and large green areas for walking (and your pets), such as the Ericeira Picnic Park.

For lovers of getaways, Ericeira also has a well-developed hotel industry.

Other activities that mark Ericeira

Known for its sea, other activities to take advantage of in Ericeira are also related to water.

In addition to the surfing conditions being considered the best on the continent, and this being the stage sport in Ericeira, you can still experience kitesurfing, windsurfing, and bodyboarding.

Apart from water sports, in Ericeira, you can also choose to focus on fitness life with gyms, or with Yoga.

And if eating were considered an activity, in Ericeira there would be no shortage of entertainment.

The paradise of digital nomads

Considered by many as the "Bali of Europe," it is in Ericeira that many digital nomads settle. Being a digital nomad means working remotely without the need to travel to a fixed base.

Therefore, if this is your case, your company allows you to work from anywhere, and you are passionate about paradise places, it is easier to buy a house in Ericeira. This is because you won't have to worry about the distance factor from your workplace.

Can you imagine working to the sound of the sea? With a view of the waves? Surfing during lunchtime? This could be your dream come true.

Buy a house in the city of waves

Buying a house in Ericeira, the city of waves, can be a good option, both for digital nomads, as well as for those looking to live in the countryside, but remain close to the capital.

Living in Ericeira provides the opportunity to combine a peaceful life near the sea with an urban life capable of providing all necessary amenities.

Consider buying a house in Ericeira, check out the options from Casa no Minuto and contact the real estate consultants. In case you want to proceed with a housing loan, you can also use the free services of credit intermediaries Poupança no Minuto. They provide a quick and assertive response, accompanying you throughout the process, until you have the key to your dream house in Ericeira in hand.


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