Preços das casas voltam a subir. Como encontrar a melhor oportunidade?

House prices are rising again. How to find the best opportunity?

House prices have gone up again in almost all districts of Portugal last November. Get to know the numbers and how to find the best opportunity to buy a house, next.

11 Dec 20232 min

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House buying is with us! Did you know that we offer real estate agency and credit intermediation services? Contact Casa no Minuto and Poupança no Minuto for their respective services. Or first read the data on price increases and how we can help you find the best opportunity.

The price of houses in November increased by 1.2%  

In November, the price of houses increased by 1.2% in Portugal, compared to the previous month. At the end of last month, buying a house had an average cost of 2,530 euros per square meter (euros/m2), according to the Idealista Price Index, cited by Notícias ao Minuto.

The increase was observed "in almost all Portuguese territory", more specifically "in 13 district capitals", between October and November, with Ponta Delgada leading the rises (3.5%), and compared to the annual variation, "house prices in Portugal rose 4.6%", as reported in the news article.  

Following Ponta Delgada, Aveiro experienced a 3.1% increase, Viseu 2.5%, Braga 1.8%, Beja, Funchal, and Leiria 1.7%, Castelo Branco 1.6%, Évora 1.4%, Porto 1%, Viana do Castelo 0.8%, Santarém and Lisbon 0.5%.  

In terms of price stability, Faro stands out with a decrease in house value of -0.2%, Bragança and Coimbra of -0.3%, and Setúbal of -0.4%.

Buy a house: How to find the best opportunity?  

If you are studying the market because you are looking to buy a house, in order to find the best opportunity you may need help.

An experienced real estate consultant can provide a more personalized search for the property you need. In addition to finding the house that meets your needs and preferences, a real estate agency takes care of all the bureaucratic process, guiding you through each step in every phase.

That is, by having a guide throughout the process, it ensures:

  • The property most suitable for you;
  • A negotiation for the most beneficial value;
  • Facilitation in dealing with bureaucracy;  
  • Counseling at different stages;
  • A quick process so you don't miss the best opportunity.  

Contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto to learn more, and the credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto in case you still need to resort to a mortgage loan for the purchase of the house.


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