Parede, Cascais – Conhece? Pode ser onde está a sua próxima casa

Parede, Cascais - Do you know? It could be where your next home is

Parede is a parish in Cascais, near the sea with excellent areas for walking and possibly living. Are you looking for a property to buy? Then, see if this is where your next home is located.

12 Dec 20234 min

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As it is a bureaucratic process, many people turn to a real estate agency to buy their home, and to credit intermediaries for housing credit. Here, we provide both services: Home in Minute and Savings in Minute. Contact us if you want to proceed! But first, make sure it's in this area.

The wall is facing the Sea.

Located in the municipality of Cascais, still in the Lisbon metropolitan area, Parede is situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. With several properties offering sea views, it is a destination of choice for those looking to vacation or live there.

The climate is one of the strengths of Parede, as in the summer the temperatures reach high values, which attracts many tourists and Portuguese to the beaches from June to August. However, being a seasonal climate near the sea, temperatures drop significantly in winter.

In terms of infrastructure, in this area you have all the necessary amenities guaranteed to live in Parede, such as: the PSP police station of Carcavelos and Parede, the fire station of Parede, several hospitals such as the Hospital de sant'Ana and the Medical Center of Clínica Europa, and numerous schools like the private school of St. Julian and the International School of St. Dominic.  

The distances and transports are not alarming: If you live in Parede, you are only a 25-minute drive from the center of Lisbon. You can reach the capital's airport in less than half an hour, and it's only an hour away by train and metro.  

Here, you have access to two train stations, Carcavelos and Parede. This provides access to various areas, to the capital area and in the opposite direction, Sintra.

Walk, exercise, and relax: Where?  

Near Parede, you can find some leisure spots to relax and stroll, such as the gardens of Quinta da Alagoa and the Pinhal do Junqueiro park, located in the neighboring parish of Carcavelos. Nearby, you will also find the extensive Sintra Cascais Natural Park and the National Palace of Pena.

Regarding physical exercise, if you like golf, you will be happy here: you can practice at the Estoril Palácio Golf Course or the Oitavos Dunes, which even has an equestrian center and tennis courts.

And now the highlight that attracts people to Parede the most... the beaches along the coast: Avencas Beach, near the center of the parish, Torre Beach, and Carcavelos Beach, are examples of what this area has to offer.  

Art and food? Here, food is art  

On the Wall, there are several artistic places to visit, but the food is not far behind, as here it is also art.

There are several art galleries that you can visit, such as Galeria Luchapa da Parede, Galeria Levy Lima, and Galeria da Supergest. For children, there is also Centro Cultural Quinta dos Lombos, which offers various kids activities.

Musically, you can count, at the end of June and beginning of July, on the Musa Cascais Festival on Carcavelos beach dedicated to reggae music, and on the Annual Sea Festival along the coast.

And the art of food? In this area, one of the Portuguese restaurants with Michelin stars is located at the end of the walk on Avenida Marginal, called A Pastorinha. Being located by the seaside, it is a restaurant (like most in this area) specializing in local seafood dishes.

Also in this wave, you can visit the restaurant Os Arcos, with a rustic dining room, and the restaurant Casa di Dízima, located on a terrace and offering typical Portuguese dishes.

Are we going to buy your house in Parede?

Convinced by this area? Parede might be where your next home is... As neighborhoods belonging to the Lisbon area, but close to leisure activities and stunning beaches, they combine the useful with the pleasant for those who work in the capital.  

If you are looking for a property in Parede, in Cascais, the real estate agency Casa no Minuto offers some, or can help you find another that is your ideal property.

By having a real estate consultant by your side, you can get a negotiated and lower acquisition value, as well as have access to their experienced and knowledgeable market advice, and personalized follow-up.  

If you still want to hire a housing loan for the financing of your home, talk to a credit intermediary from Poupança no Minuto, who will also accompany you step by step, and for free, so that you find the cheapest and most beneficial proposal for you. Poupança no Minuto.


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