Ida para a Universidade: Onde encontrar a casa ideal?

Going to College: Where to find the ideal home?

Are you moving to a new city to study at the University, but don't know where to find the ideal house? Yes, there are many research sources and you may end up getting lost in what is reliable or not... So, let's see in this article all the platforms where you can search.

22 Aug 20233 min

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If you want to go directly to a real estate agency, Casa no Minuto can do the work for you! And in case of extra help, you can always ask for financing with the help of credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto. But still in doubt? Understand which paths you can follow by reading the article.

Where can I search for properties to rent?

When looking for a house to rent, especially for the first time, now that you are going to University, it is important to know which trustworthy platforms you can use for your search.

Within your research, you should distinguish platforms: because you will come across sites that display a wide variety of properties for sale or rent, where the properties belong to advertisers, who can be individuals or real estate agencies.

In the case of real estate agencies, they have their own respective websites where you can also search directly.

Then, there are still mobile applications that either already belong to some website or agency, or that function as real estate market property search apps.

But besides that, you can still find houses for various purposes through social networks. Here, you must filter your search well, as there may be more suspicious ads.  

Let's see case by case, where you can find your home, according to the most credible research sources.


When it comes to websites to search for rental houses, which collect a variety of listings from advertisers or agencies, you can start with the following:

  • Frog House
  • Home IOL
  • SuperHouse
  • I want to rent
  • Real estate
  • Realistic view
  • OLX
  • BPI Real Estate Express
  • Fair Price


Afterwards, in specific agencies, you can directly find the properties that belong to them, where you can contact the brokers directly. Such as:  

  • House in a Minute
  • Home lovers
  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate
  • Real estate era
  • Zome


Also note that, if you prefer, there are websites with applications and their own apps for renting houses. Such as:  

  • Idealist
  • Real estate
  • Fair Cost
  • Homes on Time
  • Century21
  • Find Houses
  • Super House
  • Mitula Real Estate

Social Networks 

Currently, there is also a search method where you can find all types of rental properties: social networks.

No Facebook, essentially, find specific groups for this purpose where, if you pay attention, opportunities are constantly arising. Including sharing a house: in other words, a shared rental between several students. 

If you are going to college, you can even check if there are any student groups from the institution aimed at that. There are universities that have their own Facebook groups for renting houses and rooms nearby.

Already on Instagram, you can also search for a specific page for this purpose, or pay attention to stories from other students you already know, for example.

Ask alongside the University

Asking at the University can also be an option. When enrolling at the institution, you can ask the secretariat where to find houses or rooms for rent.  

Surely, with the experience of who will assist you, you can reach the right forums to find the one that will be your home for the school year.

To save time on these searches, you can also ask for help directly from a real estate agency like Casa no Minuto that will search for the property for you. And if you need financing to cover the expenses that this phase of life entails, the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto are also here for you.


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