Benfica: The town that lights up with the stadium's light.

Benfica: The town that lights up with the stadium's light.

Looking to buy a property in Benfica? Know that this parish is full of assets for a comfortable life. In addition to road access and transport, it is a neighborhood that offers all essential services and leisure spaces.

10 Aug 20234 min

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If you already know the area and just want to start visiting houses, you can use Casa no Minuto, which offers several properties in Benfica. If not, get to know everything about this area in this article.

The neighborhood that offers everything and is not far from anything.

Benfica is a parish belonging to the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, on the outskirts of the center of the capital, combining a suburban image that offers everything and is not far from anything.

The neighborhood of Benfica is surrounded by all kinds of services capable of meeting the needs of any family. In Benfica, there is no shortage of supermarkets, cafes and bakeries, restaurants, green areas, pharmacies, local markets, and schools.

At a 10-minute drive distance, we highlight services such as the Hospital Santa Maria, the Lisbon Municipal Police and the PaRK International School.

It is also in Benfica that the largest shopping center in the Iberian Peninsula, Colombo, is located, which includes various services, from clothing, shoes, makeup, gastronomy, technology, supermarket, and pharmacy.

And the best thing about Benfica? The road connections and extensive transport network that allow you to reach the area on one foot and leave on the other. By car, you can reach the center of Lisbon in less than 20 minutes via the A5, A36, or to the outskirts through the 2nd Circular. From Lisbon airport, it is just 15 minutes away.

In Benfica, there is a railway station where you can catch trains that take you to the center of Lisbon and suburbs, as well as to Sintra. Additionally, there is a metro station located in Colombo, on the blue line. There are also numerous buses that you can take throughout the entire parish.

Benfica shines with the stadium lights on game day.

For sports fans, living close to the Estádio da Luz can be a benefit. The stadium, owned by the club Sport Lisboa e Benfica, hosts numerous sports competitions in various disciplines.

If you belong to the Benfica club, you may enjoy the sensation of seeing the city of Benfica light up on game days with the lights of the Stadium.

But do not worry: if you are not a Benfica club member, the stadium also usually hosts cultural events. For example, in June 2019, singer Ed Sheeran sold out two concert dates at Estádio da Luz. It is already known that on May 24 and 25, 2024, singer Taylor Swift will be making the stadium her stage.

Restoration and education are highlighted areas in Benfica.

In Benfica, in the field of restoration, you have access to a varied list of options. You can not only find typical Portuguese restaurants with traditional food, but also restaurants from other nationalities, such as Italian, Chinese and Mexican.

Around the area, you can still find Michelin-starred restaurants like Adega Tia Matilde, serving Portuguese cuisine, and Eleven, offering gourmet food.

Within the Estádio da Luz, we also highlight the refined Luz by Chakall restaurant, offering dishes from all nationalities.

Another highlight in Benfica is the fact that it is surrounded by students and university students, being a parish that invests in education. This is because it is in Benfica that the Campus of the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute is located, with several Higher Schools.

Buy a house in Benfica

Located in the northwest area of Lisbon, Benfica combines urban tranquility and family-friendly environment with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life.

Buying a house in Benfica can provide you with suburban tranquility, away from the touristy hustle of the capital center.

In this area, you have access to the best of both worlds: being able to access everything and stay close to something else.

If you want to buy a house in Benfica, check out the available options at Casa ao Minuto. Real estate consultants can find the ideal house for you through a free and personalized service, always by your side. And if you need to apply for a housing loan, the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto also promise the same service, simplifying the process with banks.


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