Poupança mensal de 275 euros: Como o João e a Carla consolidaram os seus créditos

Monthly savings of 275 euros: How João and Carla consolidated their debts.

By consolidating their credits, João and Carla saved 275 euros monthly and 3,303.72 euros annually. Find out how!  

02 May 20243 min

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The couple went from paying 803.33 euros for credits to 528.02 euros.

João and Carla decided to expand their family and have a child. With Carla becoming pregnant, the couple decided to look at their monthly budget and search for financial solutions that would help them reduce costs.

Having a child, expenses would be higher and they wanted to maximize their income to the fullest.

Concerned then about the cost of adding a new family member, they turned to Savings in a Minute and trusted us to take care of everything.

This couple paid 803.33 euros monthly for three different credits: 405 euros for the car loan (17,500 euros in capital debt, 5.25% APR, and remaining term of 48 months), 348.33 euros for the personal loan (10,525 euros in capital debt, 11.75% APR, and remaining term of 36 months), and 50 euros for a credit card (1,000 in debt, with no ongoing mortgage or housing credit).  

In order to reduce these monthly burdens with loans, the Poupança no Minuto collected and presented consolidated credit proposals for the couple.

A consolidated credit aims to combine all credits into one financing, with a single installment - usually lower.

The proposal chosen by João and Carla was the following:  

  • 29,025 euros of capital in debt;
  • 84 months repayment term;  
  • Payment of 528.02 euros (compared to 803.33 euros they were previously paying); & nbsp;
  • Nominal Annual Rate (TAN) of 13%, calculated with fixed rate;
  • They would stay with a 24% effort rate and available income of 1,521.98 euros.  

So, by consolidating their credits through this proposal, the couple ended up paying only one installment for the financing of 528.02 euros. Which corresponds to a savings of 275.31 euros per month and 3,303.72 euros per year, compared to the costs they were having with the different separate credits.

Please note that this example only shows the calculation of the installment value. We remind you that banks may charge other expenses associated with your financing. Additionally, you may also negotiate the life insurance premium associated with your financing. The savings shown do not consider potential variations in the applicable rate offered by partner banks.

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