Incumprimento do crédito habitação: Saiba o que o PERSI pode fazer por si

Noncompliance with home loans: Find out what PERSI can do for you.

Are you in default with your home loan? The PERSI can help. Learn about the plan that banks must follow in this case, and find out how to save on your monthly installment.

08 Nov 20232 min

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Having problems with your credits? The Poupança no Minuto has the perfect service: Free credit intermediation, to help you lower your monthly payments! Contact the agents, or first read about what PERSI is and what it can do for you.

PERSI can solve your home loan default for you.

The PERSI is a procedure implemented by banks to resolve default on monthly installments of a loan. It is called an extrajudicial procedure to regularize default situations and, in practice, aims to find solutions that help a borrower who has failed to make loan payments.  

According to a post on Deco Proteste's social media, analyzed by Notícias ao Minuto, PERSI "allows the consumer (bank customer) and the credit institution to negotiate solutions to resolve the default situation, avoiding resorting to the courts." 

Therefore, it is up to the bank to "evaluate the customer's situation and propose, whenever possible, appropriate solutions to the current financial capacity, objectives, and needs", as stated in the post.

Bank of Portugal explains the procedure.

PERSI is a plan created by the Bank of Portugal (BdP), which obliges banks to find options to help recover a customer from default.

According to the BdP, this plan is based on benefiting the rights and guarantees of customers "to facilitate reaching an agreement with credit institutions in the regularization of default situations, avoiding recourse to courts."  

The procedure covers "the generality of contracts concluded with consumers," ensures the BdP.

Trouble with credits? Seek an intermediary.

Haven't reached that point yet, but afraid it may happen? By using a credit intermediary to help you, you can significantly reduce the installments you pay.  

For example, if you have a home loan, the credit intermediary can guide you to search for new simulations with conditions more suitable for you in other banks, and to transfer your credit to another banking entity.

The credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto accompany you throughout the entire process between you and the banks, in order to reach the best proposal with the best conditions and save with your credits. Contact us and access a free, fast, and personalized intermediation service!


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