Garantia hipotecária e crédito hipotecário: Quais as diferenças?

Mortgage guarantee and mortgage credit: What are the differences?

A mortgage guarantee can be associated with a housing loan, but not only! There are other types of guarantees and other types of mortgage loans. It's true... find out everything in this article.

29 Sep 20234 min

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What does mortgage guarantee mean?  

A mortgage guarantee aims to ensure compliance with an obligation to a creditor.   

In other words, the creditor - or bank granting the mortgage in this case - places a mortgage on the property so that, if the borrower defaults on the monthly payments, the property will belong to the bank. Mortgage is created.

The bank requires more than solvency from a client to ensure that, if they stop paying the loan, the financed amount is recovered.

What types of warranty exist?

But there is more than one type of guarantee, so it is possible to access personal guarantees and real guarantees

A personal guarantee occurs when another person assumes a debt if the debtor defaults. In essence, it represents a guarantor.  

A real guarantee refers to real and tangible assets to which the bank can access and withdraw from the debtor if they do not comply with the installments of a loan.    

Real guarantees include pledge and mortgage. That is, the pledge is related to movable assets such as a car, merchandise, credit titles, and others. If the debtor defaults, the ownership of this asset is transferred to the creditor.  

About the mortgage, or mortgage guarantee, it implies that the debtor offers a real estate property as collateral. Therefore, if the debtor does not repay the loan amount, the bank can take ownership of the property. So, if the borrower defaults on the loan payments, the lender can foreclose the mortgage and take the property away.

It is important to bear in mind that, in the case of housing loans, these cases are common: banks retain the properties if the financed amount is not being repaid in accordance with the contract.

But now the question is: Is a home loan the same as a mortgage loan?  

Mortgage credit is a type of mortgage credit.

The answer to the question above is exactly this: a mortgage credit is a type of mortgage credit. This is because there is more than one mortgage credit: the housing credit, the multi-option credit, and the consolidated credit.    

Home credit is the most common form of mortgage credit, and it implies that a customer buys a property with bank financing, offering the house being purchased as a guarantee. In the same model, mortgage loans that include the purchase of land for building a house, or credit for works on a property, are also part of it, with the guarantee always being the property in question.

Multi-option credit (or multi-risk or connected), the mortgage of the property also serves to guarantee another loan in addition to the housing credit. That is, it is an additional loan to the purchase of the house. Since the housing credit is only intended for the purchase value of the property, the associated multi-option credit uses the same house as collateral for another financing intended for house-related purposes (such as furniture, appliances, renovations). But despite being based on the same mortgage, the conditions are different.  

Finally, consolidated credit can be another type of mortgage credit. When consolidating credits, combining several loans into one, with a single monthly installment, you can mortgage an asset as security for the bank to offer you better conditions.  

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