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Entrei em incumprimento do crédito habitação, tenho de pagar juros de mora?
Housing Credit Acquisition

I defaulted on my mortgage, do I have to pay late fees?

Not complying with the repayment obligations of a loan such as a housing credit implies having consequences, such as interest and fees. One of them being late interest, which adds to the outstanding amount. Let's see how much this amount can be.

21 Sep 20234 min

Garantia hipotecária e crédito hipotecário: Quais as diferenças?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Mortgage guarantee and mortgage credit: What are the differences?

A mortgage guarantee can be associated with a housing loan, but not only! There are other types of guarantees and other types of mortgage loans. It's true... find out everything in this article.

29 Sep 20234 min

Estive ao abrigo do PARI. Posso fixar a prestação da casa?
Mortgage Credit Transfer

I was under the PARI. Can I fix the house payment?

The issue arises within the scope of the legislation of the new Government measure to support the Portuguese with their home loans, fixing and lowering the monthly amounts. Find out if you have already been or are currently under the PARI program with your mortgage, you can join the support in question.

21 Nov 20234 min

Estudo aponta para aumento de incumprimentos e menos dinheiro

Study points to increase in defaults and less money.

Inflation continues to show no significant decrease and the prices of products and services have remained a problem for the wallets of Portuguese people. According to a study, due to this situation, the increase in payment defaults has become increasingly evident. Find out what is at stake.

28 Mar 20242 min

Empréstimos em risco aumentaram em 2023. Como diminuir o risco?
Mortgage Credit Transfer

Empréstimos em risco aumentaram em 2023. Como diminuir o risco?

Ainda que o incumprimento tenha diminuído ao longo de 2023, os empréstimos em risco aumentaram. Conheça os números e saiba como diminuir o risco de entrar em incumprimento no seu crédito.

19 Jun 20244 min

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