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Jovens com isenção de IMT e IS sem limite no rendimento, mas sim no valor da casa
Housing Credit Acquisition

Young people with exemption from IMT and IS without income limit, but with a limit on the value of the house.

Young people up to 35 years old will be exempt from taxes when buying their first house regardless of their income, but with limits on the property values. Find out how the measure will work next.

23 May 20242 min

Isenção de IMT para jovens: Até quando podem beneficiar?

Isenção de IMT para jovens: Até quando podem beneficiar?

Jovens têm direito a isenção de IMT caso finalidade do imóvel se mantenha, não alterem o agregado familiar nem o local de trabalho. Perceba melhor, em seguida.

26 Jun 20243 min

Isenção de IMT e IS em vigor a 1 de agosto: Jovens a adiar escrituras das casas para beneficiar
Housing Credit Acquisition

Isenção de IMT e IS em vigor a 1 de agosto: Jovens a adiar escrituras das casas para beneficiar

A medida vai entrar em vigor no primeiro dia do próximo mês, pelo que os jovens até aos 35 anos em processo de compra de casa, estão a adiar as escrituras para ainda conseguir aceder ao benefício fiscal. Perceba se é possível a nível legal e como aceder à medida.

15 Jul 20244 min

Compra de casa: O que devo saber sobre a escritura?
House Purchase

Buying a house: What should I know about the deed?

Are you in the process of buying a house and the deed is approaching? Understand what this moment represents, what you have to pay, and which documents you need to take with you so that everything goes smoothly on the contract signing.

08 Nov 20234 min

Quais os impostos a pagar com a compra de uma casa?
Housing Credit Acquisition

What taxes to pay when buying a house?

When buying a property, you are subject to paying taxes under the Portuguese tax system. Usually, you have to pay the Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT) and the Stamp Duty Tax (IS). But what do these taxes represent? Is it possible to be exempt? Find out everything in this article.

24 Oct 20234 min

OE 2024. Vai comprar casa? Saiba se vai estar isento de IMT
Housing Credit Acquisition

OE 2024. Are you buying a house? Find out if you will be exempt from IMT

The boundaries of the Taxable Heritage Value of a property up to which it is exempt from paying IMT will change in 2024, as indicated by the new State Budget proposal for the next year. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a house in 2024, take this factor into consideration. Find out the new threshold in this article.

18 Oct 20233 min

Compensa comprar casa para arrendar? Conheça os dados de 2023
Housing Credit Acquisition

Is it worth buying a house to rent out? Discover the 2023 data.

According to data released by Idealista and later shared in a news article by Notícias ao Minuto, in 2023 it was worthwhile to buy a house to rent in most Portuguese cities. Find out more about the data, the profitability by district, and if the process is worth it, then.

15 Jan 20243 min

Quanto pago de IMT em 2024?
House Purchase

How much do I pay for IMT in 2024?

Is buying a house in your plans for 2024? Then get ready to pay two taxes at the deed: one of them is the Municipal Tax on Onerous Property Transfers (IMT). Find out how much you have to pay for this tax, depending on your specific situation, this year.

17 Jan 20242 min

Sabe quanto ganha o Estado por contribuinte? Impostos com compra de casa são dos mais altos
Housing Credit Acquisition

Do you know how much the State earns per taxpayer? Taxes on home purchase are among the highest.

For each taxpayer, the State collects a certain amount through taxes and social contributions. Do you know how much it is? And how much do taxes represent in buying a house? Read on.

24 Jan 20243 min

Calendário fiscal: Conheça os prazos de pagamento destes impostos em 2024
Mortgage Savings Credit

Tax calendar: Learn about the payment deadlines for these taxes in 2024.

The tax calendar for 2024 is already known, specifically for IRS, IUC, and IMI. Do you pay any of these? Then stay informed about the following deadlines.

19 Jan 20243 min

IUC: O que é, quando se paga e o que muda em 2024
Personal Car Loan

IUC: What it is, when it is paid, and what changes in 2024

Do you have a car? Find out why you have to pay the vehicle tax, how much it is, and what changes this year.

11 Mar 20244 min

Imposto do Selo na compra de casa: O que é e quando pago?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Stamp Duty on home purchase: What is it and when is it paid?

The Stamp Duty is the oldest in the Portuguese tax system. It is paid at various moments, but with a greater impact on the purchase of a property. Find out how it works and what are the rates at the following URL.

25 Mar 20243 min

Calculadora com tax 2024, IMI, caneta, caderno, óculos, clips e moedas em cima de folhas sob mesa

If you are a homeowner, mark your calendar: May brings IMI payments.

For property owners or landowners, May brings the payment of the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) by the end of 2023. Find out if you may be exempt from this payment and, if not, what is the deadline to pay.

06 May 20243 min

Mãos à janela de carro com notas de 10 euros para simbolizar pagamento de IUC

Do you have a car? Here are three important points about IUC.

Pay attention to these three important points highlighted by the Tax Authority on their social media regarding the Vehicle Tax (IUC).

07 May 20242 min

Pacote Mais Habitação: Como são definidas as rendas nos contratos de arrendamento?

Housing Plus Package: How are rents defined in lease agreements?

The rents stipulated in the lease agreements included in the Mais Habitação package, in effect since October 7th, vary according to the length of time a property has been on the rental market. Let's see how, next.

29 Nov 20233 min