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Life insurance: Why can the insurer refuse the claim?

Tried to participate in a claim regarding your life insurance and the insurer did not assume responsibility? Understand the possible reason behind it.

04 Jun 20242 min

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Insurance company may deny claim in life insurance if disability is not verified.

When you take out a life insurance, particularly associated with housing credit, depending on the coverage you choose (ITP - Total and Permanent Disability or IAD - Absolute and Definitive Disability), you must pay attention to reading the full policy before signing.

This is because it is important to know all the information regarding the activation of claims. Regarding the ITP coverage, the degree of disability that allows participation must be equal to or greater than 60%, and in the IAD coverage the degree of disability must be equal to or greater than 80%.  

Note that the degrees of disability are previously proven by Social Security which, if verified, issues disability retirement to the insurance beneficiary.

Only in this case can the insurer be notified of the claim that occurred, leading to disability, so that they can pay the stipulated amount.

It is not possible to activate the insurance if you do not have disability reform, as if you do, the insurer has the right to refuse the payment of the claim.

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