Quer contratar um seguro e deparou-se com o período de carência? Saiba o que é

Want to hire insurance but faced with the waiting period? Find out what it is at [URL].

Want to hire insurance, but heard about the waiting period? Let us explain what this concept is and its objective.  

03 Apr 20243 min

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What is the waiting period in hiring an insurance?  

The waiting period in an insurance policy is the period of time during which the policyholder is prevented from triggering the coverages they contracted for, after signing the contract and paying the annual premium.

The period itself is defined by each insurer for each insurance, depending on the type of insurance and the conditions provided.

The objective is for insurance companies to protect themselves from cases of abuse or fraud, so during this period the policyholder does not have access to the coverages of the contract even if they have already contracted them.

This is why one of the factors evaluated by insurance companies is the presence of diseases, since, for the entities, insurance policies represent an investment in medium to long term and not an emergency solution.

For example, if Carla has been diagnosed with a disease whose treatment may be quite expensive and tries to take out insurance after the diagnosis without informing the insurance company of the existence of the condition, she will not be able to access the coverage she purchased for treatment immediately due to the waiting period.

What are the insurances with waiting period?  

As a rule, the waiting period in insurance depends on the practices of the insurer, but you can find this clause, for example, in health insurance and life insurance.

In health insurance, waiting periods may apply to specific medical and surgical treatments and preexisting conditions.

In life insurance, for example, situations of death by suicide may apply. Insurance companies use this period to protect themselves from the risk that the policyholder may have taken out the insurance with the intention of, in this case, the descendants benefiting from the compensation.

How long does the waiting period last?  

The waiting period depends on the type of insurance company and the entity itself. It can range from a few days to several months, and even up to a year or more.  

In the case of health insurance, the waiting period can range from 90 to 180 days (three to six months). However, when applied to known pre-existing conditions, it cannot exceed 365 days (one year).  

And in life insurance, the waiting period applied to suicides is typically two years from the effective start date of the insurance contract.

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