Senhora deitada em toalha na praia a ler livro sob chapéu de sol simbolizando férias poupadas em destinos baratos

A saved vacation? Get to know 6 cheap destinations

The summer vacation season is approaching and for those who want to take a budget-friendly vacation, it's possible! Check out these six cheap destinations.

16 May 20242 min

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6 destinations with affordable lodging and meals.

If you are looking for budget-friendly vacation options without spending a lot of money: There are cheap destinations to choose from, where you can spend less than 50 euros on accommodations and enjoy affordable meals.

So, if you already have your vacation scheduled, but don't have a destination, a report from Wethrift cited by the Travel Off Path website, and shared by Notícias ao Minuto, reveals six places where nights and meals are affordable.

With the exception of plane trips, which may have a higher cost, the stay and costs when you are at your destination are lower.

So , these are the cheap destinations where you can travel on a budget vacation:  

  • Bangkok, in Thailand, is one of the suggested destinations in the report, with an average price per night of about 45 euros for accommodation and numerous tourist attractions to visit; 
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  • Bali, in Indonesia, is another inexpensive destination, with an average price per night around 70 euros, and a very accessible cuisine, besides being a peaceful place to rest;  
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  • Hanoi, in Vietnam, has nights for less than 50 euros and without spending a lot on meals as well; 
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  • New Delhi, in India, also offers nights in accommodation for less than 50 euros and affordable meals;
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  • Cairo, in Egypt also has an average cost per night of less than 50 euros and meal prices suitable for a low budget;
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  • Finally, Istanbul, Turkey - also with nights costing less than 50 euros and non-expensive food.
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Don't waste any more time: It's time to organize the budget and pack your bags!  

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