Tem direito ao subsídio de desemprego? Saiba as condições

Are you entitled to unemployment benefit? Learn about the conditions

If you have experienced an involuntary loss of employment, you may now be entitled to unemployment benefits from Social Security. Learn about the requirements and amounts, depending on the income you received.

12 Mar 20242 min

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Unemployment benefit: What are the conditions and the amounts to receive.

Will you be entitled to receive unemployment benefits? This is a support provided to taxpayers by Social Security who have involuntarily lost their job. However, there are certain conditions to access this benefit.

What are the access conditions for unemployment benefits?

According to information from Social Security, you may be entitled to unemployment benefit if: 

  • Reside in national territory;
  • Lose job involuntarily;
  • Have the ability and availability to work;
  • Being registered at the local employment center for job search;  
  • Having the required warranty period: 360 days of work on behalf of others with wage records in the 24 months prior to the date of unemployment.

What amount of unemployment benefit am I entitled to?  

The amount to be received as unemployment benefit will depend on the salary each taxpayer received in their job. In other words, the daily amount of the benefit corresponds to 65% of the household income, calculated on the basis of 30 days per month.

Considering that the reference remuneration (R/360) corresponds to the sum of the contributions declared to Social Security in the first 12 civil months of the last 14, counting from the month before the unemployment date, including holiday and Christmas bonuses, divided by 360.

However, only the amounts of holiday and Christmas subsidies that were due in the reference period are considered.

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