Subsídios e pensões: Saiba quais as datas de pagamento em março

Benefits and pensions: Find out the payment dates in March.

Check out the calendar released by Social Security to find out when you will receive your support in March.

04 Mar 20242 min

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The payment schedule for March's support and subsidies from the Social Security is now available. Visit: [URL]

Social Security (SS) announced the dates on which payments of benefits and pensions will be made in March. 

Therefore, if you are a beneficiary of one of these supports, pay attention to the planned schedule for this month.  

Notice that the calendar is published every month by Social Security in a section dedicated to the purpose.

Knowing when you can count on support in your account makes it easier to organize your monthly budget with the charges and expenses of the month.

Payments have already started on the first day of the month, beginning with pensions and subsidies associated with occupational illnesses.

On the next day 7, the payment of support for rent will be made, and on day 8 the support for beneficiaries of the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly and pensions and Social Benefit for Inclusion will be made.

Check the calendar with the forecast for the entire month of March:

MARCH 2024Payment methodPayment method
ProvisionBank transferMail valley
Occupational Disease: Pensions and Subsidies1st of MarchStarting from March 1st
IncomeMarch 7thNot applicable
Elderly Solidarity SupplementMarch 8thStarting from March 8th
PensionsMarch 8thFrom March 8th
Social Allowance for InclusionMarch 8thStarting from March 8
Funeral expense reimbursement  March 8thStarting from March 8th
Unemployment / Illness / Parenthood / Social Action - 1st PaymentMarch 15Starting from March 15th
Family BenefitsMarch 15Starting from March 15
Social Insertion IncomeMarch 23Starting from March 23
Unemployment / Sickness / Parenthood / Social Action - 2nd PaymentMarch 28From March 28th
Support Allowance for Informal CaregiversMarch 28Starting from March 28th

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