Simule quanto vai pagar de IMI e prepare a carteira

Simulate how much you will pay for IMI and prepare your wallet.

Do you know how much you will pay for IMI this year? There is a simulator that tells you the amount: get to know the tool and find out how to prepare your wallet for this expense.

22 Feb 20242 min

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You can now simulate how much you will pay on IMI this year.

The simulator is from Pordata and promises to show how much you will pay in Property Tax (IMI) in 2024.

To do this, you must enter the Taxable Asset Value (VPT) of your property, the municipality, the type of property, and the number of children in your household.

On the website, Pordata explains that "this tool allows you to simulate the amount of IMI to be paid according to the municipality where the property is located, the type of property, and the Taxable Property Value that can be consulted in the property's tax document".

But it should be noted that the Property Tax differs depending on some parishes, so Pordata clarifies that "in those cases, the highest value was chosen".  

Another factor to pay attention to, according to the information on the website, is that certain families can benefit from a special discount on property tax (IMI) granted by municipalities, based on the number of dependent children.

Prepare your wallet for this expense.

The amount to be paid for IMI may be high, although it can be divided into several installments throughout the year in certain cases.

If the amount is below 100 euros, you can only pay in a single installment, but if it is between 100 and 500 euros, you can split it into two installments - May and November. If the amount is over 500 euros, you have the possibility to pay in three installments - May, August, and November.

If, even so, you cannot cover the expenses, we will look at other options so you can save and prepare:  

  • Reduce monthly expenses by cutting back on more superfluous expenses and focusing on the essential;  
  • Revisit products like loans and/or insurance, asking contracting entities for better conditions;  
  • Transfer the products to entities that propose more advantageous conditions to you;  
  • Hire a credit intermediary and insurance mediator, like Savings in a Minute, to help you (at no cost) simulate new proposals and lower installments, achieving immediate monthly savings!


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