Quem não tem de entregar IRS? Saiba as situações

Who does not have to submit IRS? Find out the situations.

Are you unsure if you will have to submit the IRS declaration this year or not? The Tax Office clarifies situations in which submission is not necessary.  

19 Apr 20242 min

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Who is exempt from IRS tax obligation?

In a post on the social network X (formerly Twitter), the Tax Office clarified which situations do not require filing the IRS statement in 2024, based on income from 2023.  

The deadline for delivery started on April 1 and runs until June 30, but there are exceptions for those who have to file this tax return.

"If you received up to €8,500.00 in earned income from dependent work or pensions, without any withholding tax, you do not have to submit an IRS tax return," clarifies the Tax Authority in the publication.

Furthermore, any taxpayer who has earned “income on which they have paid withholding taxes and does not want to add them to the remaining income for the application of the general IRS rates” is also exempt from this tax obligation.  

The Tax Department indicates that all exceptions are provided in this document from the Tax Authority, where the following exceptions that exempt taxpayers from submitting IRS are still explicitly listed: 

  • Opt for joint taxation if married or in a civil partnership; or & nbsp;
  • Receive temporary and life annuities that are not intended for pension payments, or  
  • Receive income in kind, or  
  • Receive alimony income exceeding 4,104.00 euros.  

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