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What are the priorities for the OE2025 pointed out?

The Minister of Finance, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, explains that the priorities for the next State Budget will focus on reducing the tax burden and balancing public accounts.

26 Apr 20243 min

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"The measures aim to increase productivity and competitiveness of the Portuguese economy"

In his intervention at the opening of the parliamentary debate on the Stability Program 2024-2028, the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, points out as priorities for the State Budget 2025 (OE2025) the reduction of the tax burden within the available budgetary margin, as well as the balance of public accounts.  

The ruler also announced that the medium-term structural program, which will be sent to the European Commission in the autumn, and the OE2025 will both be "aligned with what are the priorities of this Government," cites Notícias ao Minuto. source.

As main objectives within priorities, the minister indicates the "structural transformation of the Portuguese economy, increasing its competitiveness and productivity", with a reduction in the tax burden, "within the available budget framework" and "balanced public accounts and debt reduction for sustainable economic and social development".

However, it notes that the margin available for budgetary stimuli is conditioned by the need to keep the accounts balanced and public debt on a downward trajectory. These factors are "determining not only to reinforce the resilience of the Portuguese economy to adverse shocks, but also for its growth strategy to be robust and sustainable," explains Joaquim Miranda Sarmento.

"Our program and our measures aim to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, increasing the potential GDP, aiming for a more robust economic growth, above 3% per year," it is clear.

Pointing out that the PE indicates a budget surplus of 2% of GDP, the Minister of Finance argues, however, that "the action of this Government and the positive effect of the economic policy measures, which will be implemented this year, may have a positive impact on the budget surplus that is expected to be recorded by the end of 2024".  

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