Bonecos de mulher e homem sentados em cima de moedas

Portugal had a 12.5% gender pay gap in 2022.

In a publication, Pordata revealed data regarding the wage gap between men and women in Europe for the year 2022. Understand where we stand.

19 Apr 20241 min

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Portugal had a gender pay gap of 12.5% in 2022.

According to data from Pordata for 2022, Portugal ranks 14th among European countries in terms of wage disparity between men and women. 

The collected data indicates that the gender pay gap is more pronounced in Estonia (21.3%), in Austria (18.4%), and in the Czech Republic (17.9%), occupying the top three positions, respectively.

On the other hand, the countries where the wage gap between men and women was less significant were in Luxembourg (0.7%), in Italy (4.3%), and in Romania (4.5%).

Among the 26 countries in Europe, Portugal ranks 14th on the list, with an inequality rate of 12.5%.

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