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Free medications for (some) elderly individuals: How does the measure work?

The Council of Ministers approved measures for beneficiaries of the Complemento Solidário para Idosos (CSI), such as free medication. Learn more about the measures in question.

21 May 20242 min

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CSI beneficiaries now have access to free prescribed medications.

The Council of Ministers approved the free provision of medications requiring a medical prescription for beneficiaries of the Elderly Solidarity Supplement (CSI).

According to Notícias ao Minuto, now the level of co-payment of prescription medications will be 100% for about 145 thousand elderly people, compared to the current 50%.

This measure will take effect on the next June 1st, allowing beneficiaries, from this date on, to go to the pharmacy to pick up their medications (that require a medical prescription) without making any payment.  

Note that for over-the-counter medications, discounts or exemptions are not foreseen, even if they are prescribed by a doctor, as explained by DECO PROteste, according to the information site.

It is also clarified in the news that the 100% copayment applies to prescription drugs, whether branded or generic.  

"The elderly covered by the measure can still purchase their medications at any pharmacy, as was the case when medications were paid for by the user. They just need to present the medical prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacy's computer system will already have the information that the user benefits from 100% coverage, which will be applied automatically," as explained in the news.

Know also that, as of June, the Government will increase the reference value of CSI by 50 euros - from 550 to 600 euros, with only the incomes of pensioners and retirees who apply for the benefit being taken into account.

Regarding CSI, the news explains that the Prime Minister also decided to "eliminate the condition that the income of the children of beneficiaries' candidates could prevent the grant of this benefit."

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