Dia da Mulher: Conheça 10 mulheres portuguesas com impacto no mundo dos negócios

Women's Day: Meet 10 Portuguese women making an impact in the business world.

On this Women's Day, we share with you, for inspiration, some successful women in the business world.

07 Mar 20243 min

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Women's day: The space women have gained in the business world.

From managers and founders to shareholders of the largest national and international companies: Leadership is in their blood and they move millions of euros with their businesses, which include teams with thousands of workers. euros with their businesses.

The distinction was made by Forbes Portugal in 2023, highlighting successful Portuguese women in the business world through a comparative analysis of various businesswomen and executives.

The study was conducted based on hundreds of companies in Portugal and abroad, analyzing five criteria from zero to 20, ranking the names according to a final total score.

The criteria were: fortune, personal or family; decision-making power; influence power; internationality of businesses, and entrepreneurship.

It has been concluded that the highlighted Portuguese women "are breaking new ground so that the corporate world begins to give more opportunities to the underrepresented gender", according to Forbes.

The purpose of this evaluation has been fulfilled – to demonstrate how women are asserting themselves in the business world, either by creating their own empires from scratch or continuing family projects.

It can be concluded that women's career paths are becoming increasingly solid, as they are investing more and more in careers, academic education, and entrepreneurship.

Today, it is increasingly common to find women in the spotlight in the business world, with internationally enriched resumes, competing even with the top women in the world in the banking and large multinational areas.

Top 10 of the most successful Portuguese women in the business world

Get to know the top 10, in order, that Forbes has chosen as the Portuguese women with the greatest success in business:

1st. Paula Amorim - Shareholder and manager at Galp, Corticeira Amorim, Grupo Américo Amorim, Amorim Luxury Group  

2nd Cláudia Azevedo - Shareholder and CEO of Sonae.

3rd Mafalda Duarte - Director-General of the Green Climate Fund 

4th Inês Caldeira - Deputy Director worldwide of L'Oréal Paris  

5th Manuela Ferro - Vice President of the World Bank - Asia and Pacific 

6th Vera Pinto Pereira - CEO of EDP Comercial, board member of EDP, and president of the EDP Foundation.

7th. Ana Figueiredo - CEO of Altice Portugal

8th Isabel Ferreira Pinto - CEO of Pingo Doce

9th Isabel Afonso - General Director Novartis Oncology China

10th Maria Ramos - President of AngloGold Ashanti and consultant for the World Bank.

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