Comprar online fica mais barato? Estudo diz que sim

Buying online is cheaper? Study says yes

Study conducted on Portuguese people reveals that the vast majority prefer shopping online, with a special focus on foreign websites and second-hand purchases.

11 Apr 20242 min

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According to the Portuguese, buying online has been cheaper.

Data from Geopost's 2023 e-Shopper Barometer, released by Notícias ao Minuto, shows that Portuguese consider online shopping as a way to save money.

The report also reveals that Portugal is the European country where consumers are most sensitive to prices when shopping online, with 71% of regular Portuguese e-shoppers saying they save money with this method (the European average is 65%).

These numbers reflect the impact of inflation on the wallets of the Portuguese, "for whom price is the most important factor in their purchasing decisions (76%), or for those who always look for a good deal (79%)".

The Barometer also reveals that 49% of regular Portuguese e-shoppers buy online because of the existence of free deliveries, 28% value the fact that no hidden fees are added to the product's value, and 22% justify it with free returns.

A large part of Portuguese people (73%) indicated buying online on foreign sites, especially in Spain (61%), China (58%), and the United Kingdom (33%).

Another trend in online shopping to save money is related to second-hand purchases, as according to the shared information, Portuguese people received, on average, four orders per month. Moreover, one in three regular e-shoppers confess to have increased second-hand purchases, on average, 11 times per year in 2023, three times more than in 2022.

Most (65%) referred that this change is due to the increase in costs, and 42% to contributing to a more responsible economy.

On the other hand, home deliveries are starting to lose weight against "Out-of-Home" (OHH) deliveries, such as lockers.

This Barometer was developed based on a total of 24,233 interviews in 22 European countries, with 1,006 interviews in Portugal.

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