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Attention: Did you know that reselling a ticket above the original price is a crime?

In Portugal, selling a ticket for a value higher than the box office cost is considered a crime. Find out the punishment.

23 May 20242 min

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You can only legally sell a ticket if it is at the original price.

Starting the season of more concerts and summer festivals, it's important to reinforce what is and is not legal regarding ticket sales.  

Bought a concert ticket but can't attend? Know that it is not legal to resell the ticket above cost price. If you do so, you are committing a crime that can be punished with imprisonment for six months to three years, and a fine of no less than 100 days.

Those who remember it are DECO PROteste, mentioned by Notícias ao Minuto, explaining that "selling a ticket for a show at a price higher than defined by the event organization is prohibited in Portugal. Considered a crime of speculation, it can be punished with a prison sentence of between six months and three years, and a fine not less than 100 days. If the seller has acted negligently, the applicable prison sentence is reduced to one year and the fine to a minimum of 40 days".  

And if selling an invitation (entrance pass for which you did not pay to acquire), even at the original price, is also considered a crime – in this case, speculation.

"Some online platforms advertise the resale of tickets between individuals, with prices above the cost value, charging, in some cases, commissions for a very high-value service. Although they assume the role of mere intermediaries and are not headquartered in Portugal, it is urgent to find a solution to regulate and oversee the operation of these platforms," reads the explanation from DECO's news.

So, it is only possible to resell a ticket if you don't make a profit from the transaction, selling it for the price you originally paid.

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