Use (e abuse) destes simuladores para poupar no seu crédito habitação

Use (and abuse) these simulators to save on your home loan.

Found your perfect home and need to take out a home loan? Or are you stuck with the Euribor and want to change the conditions of your current home loan? Poupança no Minuto offers two simulators to find the ideal solutions for you.

28 Feb 20243 min

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Need a simulator to hire the best home loan conditions? We have it!

Are you looking for a housing loan to contract, but don't know which banks to turn to? With this Poupança no Minuto's New Credit Simulator, by entering the information regarding what you are looking for, you will find the bank with the best conditions for you!

To do so, you must enter the following information in this simulator:

  • When do you intend to buy your house and apply for credit;
  • The value you intend to give for your house;
  • How many people will take out the credit and their respective ages;  
  • Your earnings - how much you make monthly and how much you spend on credits and other charges.

In order to access the simulation, you must finally provide your data and, thus, receive the result in your email with the most advantageous credit proposal for you.

From there, you can proceed with your process with the free help of credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto. They assist you with the entire process, from the bureaucratic part to the moment of signing the deed of your new house.  

Note that intermediaries are specialists in communicating and negotiating with banks so that you can access credit more in line with your context, needs, and preferences!

Need a simulator to transfer housing credit conditions? We've got it!

If you already have a home loan, but are looking for better conditions in different banks - try the Credit Transfer Simulator from Poupança no Minuto.  

Are you trapped in the Euribor and the rise of your monthly installment? You don't have to be, you can change your interest rate to fixed or mixed rate regime .

This simulator will search for a new proposal, with more favorable conditions, to get a lower installment.

To do so, you will need to provide the following information: 

  • When you contracted your mortgage;  
  • What was the amount contracted at the time and how much debt is still outstanding;  
  • How many people have contracted credit and their respective ages;  
  • Your income - how much you earn monthly and how much you spend on credits and other charges.

Again you need to enter your data at the end of the simulation, so that you can receive the result in your email and discover which bank can offer you better conditions than the current ones you have contracted.

Afterwards, the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto will contact you to provide constant support throughout the process, and (the best part) for free!


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