Vistoria imobiliária: Como funciona e quando fazer?

Real estate inspection: How does it work and when to do it?

Are you going to buy or rent a house, but want to check the conservation status of the property first? Yes, you can do it! Through a real estate inspection. But how does this service work and when can you hire it?

22 Aug 20233 min

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If you are still looking for a property to buy, you can contact the real estate agency Casa no Minuto, or the credit intermediary Poupança no Minuto for house financing. If you already have your property and only need to hire a real estate inspection service, find out how this process works in the article.

How does a real estate inspection service work?

A real estate inspection consists of a technical check of the condition, both of properties and buildings, whether new or used.

With this inspection, it is possible to identify anomalies, deficiencies, safety conditions, operation and conservation of the structures of a house or building.

In other words, the objective of the inspection is to verify the habitability of the property or building, evaluating the structure, finishes, and also its documentation. The contents inside the property are also checked if it is furnished.

So, during the inspection the following is verified:

  • The exterior facade of the property, analyzing paint, cracks, or possible infiltrations;
  • The state of the access doors to the outside and the locks and their keys, as well as the insulation and possible points of infiltration of the windows.
  • The electrical and hydraulic system, through the analysis of outlets, switches, power distribution box, electrical panel, and then water pressure from faucets and showers, possible leaks, and water discharges;
  • The filling inside the property, bought or rented, such as real estate (condition of furniture considering possible damages).

When to do the property inspection?

Real estate inspection is usually carried out by those who intend to buy a property, in order to understand the condition of the place. If renovations are needed, the inspection can be essential to objectively identify pathologies, in order to repair them within the respective warranty period. Learn more here.

However, this inspection can also be done in the context of rentals. In other words, so that the tenant has a record of the condition of the property before renting it, they can hire this service. This report then becomes an annex to the lease agreement.

Therefore, when the lease contract ends and the tenant has to hand over the property, the tenant can access the report as evidence of the inspection and images that prove whether the condition of the property remains the same as when the contract was signed.

This is an important process that must be carried out in these contracts, so that leases run smoothly and rental properties remain in habitable conditions in the rental market.

In either case, a technical report is always delivered to the client who hires the service, with the diagnosis specifying the pathologies and nonconformities identified.

If you need help with issues related to buying a house, you can always turn to the real estate agency Casa no Minuto, or regarding home financing, to the credit intermediary Poupança no Minuto. The agents from both services are available to accompany you throughout the entire process, from property inspection to the closing. Contact the brands and let them take care of all the bureaucracy for you!


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