Vai visitar uma casa para arrendar? Atenção: Não precisa de comprovar rendimentos

Are you going to visit a house for rent? Attention: No need to prove income.

Looking for a house to rent and they asked you to prove your income before the first visit? Be careful: You don't need to do it! Deco Proteste explains why.

28 Dec 20233 min

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When looking for a house to rent, it is important to have a real estate agency by your side, such as Casa no Minuto, so you can be guided and advised throughout the entire process. Contact the consultants, or first, read what is or is not legal in this process.

When visiting a house for rent, remember that you don't need to submit documents.

In a statement to Notícias ao Minuto, Deco Proteste warns that there are currently real estate agents demanding salary receipts or proof of income to make the first visit to a house for rent.  

This is a legally unnecessary measure that occurs before any contract signature.  

"DECO has been confronted with consumer complaints , potential tenants, who need to present payslips and income proof to visit a house ," says DECO in the statement."

The conflict revolves around this requirement being made "even when they have not yet entered into real estate mediation contracts, that is, without any contractual relationship established between them and the leasing intermediary company".

On a legal level, DECO reminds that this measure goes against the "decree that approves the real estate mediation contract model with general contractual clauses, including that include, among other elements, the identification of the business, the identification of the property, the burdens and charges, the contracting regime, the remuneration, obtaining necessary documents for the realization of the business mediated, guarantees of mediation activity, the duration of the contract and the duty of collaboration and obligations of the second contracting party".  

In other words, the necessary and useful documents must be delivered to the mediator, but only when it makes sense. That is why DECO "does not agree that documents such as the income statement and pay stubs can be requested without violating the principles established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)".

Prepayment of rent and security deposits are also a cause for concern.

In addition to requesting documents at the time of the visit, the prepayment of rents and the security deposit amounts required by landlords are also a cause for concern for DECO. Check out more information here: prepayment.

"There are more and more complaints, as well as concerns and doubts related to the prepayment of rent and security deposit amounts received at the Association."

According to the law, it is stipulated that "if there is a written agreement, the rent payment can be advanced for a period not exceeding two months, and beyond that, the landlord may only request a deposit from the tenant, the value of which cannot exceed two rents".

Therefore, DECO concludes that "it contests the request for payment from a potential tenant to visit a property, since these are not included in this regime, nor do they have a current legal framework. The Association argues that legal solutions should be developed for this type of issues," it states.

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