Porta 65 Jovem: Já não será necessário contrato de arrendamento prévio

Porta 65 Jovem: No prior lease contract will be required anymore

Porta 65 Jovem no longer requires a prior lease contract and now asks for three pay slips instead of the current six.

29 May 20242 min

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Discover the new changes to the Porta 65 Jovem housing program.

The Porta 65 Jovem rental program will no longer require a prior lease agreement before the support is made available.

In addition to no longer needing this contract in the application for the program, only three pay slips will be required, compared to the current six.

The government announced the new measures in a Council of Ministers, by the Minister of Youth and Modernization, Margarida Balseiro Lopes, according to the Notícias ao Minuto.

The forecast is that the measures in question will come into effect in the next application period, in September.

At a press conference after the Council of Ministers, the minister made it clear that the objective of these changes will be to adapt the support rules "to the reality of young people in Portugal," as stated in the news. In addition, she considers the measures "relatively simple from a logistical point of view", but with "a very real and concrete impact on the lives of young people".  

Note also that changes to support will include the elimination of the maximum income as a factor of exclusion, to prevent, for example, "a candidate from becoming ineligible for support because the house they found to rent costs 401 euros and the ceiling for that municipality is 400 euros," explains the news.  

It can also be read that the minister considers that the current system "does not make sense. First, young people go to the Housing Portal, apply and do not attach any contract or promise of contract. And the State will tell this young person what is the amount of support he will receive and, then [...], the young person will look for a house according to the amount he will receive", and there will be a period of two months for the search process.  

The Porta 65 Jovem program is aimed at young people between 18 and 34 years old - in the case of a couple, one of the members may be 36 years old - who do not have access to other subsidies of public support for housing. Learn about all the requirements here.

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