Pacote Mais Habitação: Como são definidas as rendas nos contratos de arrendamento?

Housing Plus Package: How are rents defined in lease agreements?

The rents stipulated in the lease agreements included in the Mais Habitação package, in effect since October 7th, vary according to the length of time a property has been on the rental market. Let's see how, next.

29 Nov 20233 min

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How are the rents defined in Mais Habitação rental contracts?

The limits on the rental value in the new lease contracts included in the More Housing package are imposed according to the length of stay in the rental market. But what does this mean?

A limit of 2% compared to the last rent was imposed, but this measure does not apply to all lease contracts. It only applies to residential contracts, excluding lease contracts for stores, warehouses, or offices.

Limit of 2% in residential leases contracts signed five years before the new law. 

In addition, this applies not only to all housing contracts, but to all new contracts for leasing a property, for which a leasing contract has been made in the five years prior to the implementation of this law, i.e., between 08/10/2018 and 07/10/2023.

The property may have been leased in the last five years, but if the lease agreement predates that date, no limit will be imposed on the rent.

In other words, if the property was leased between 2019 and 2020, but has been vacant since then, there is a limit of 2% to the rent that is now imposed; but if the property was leased until 2023, but the contract was signed in 2016, there can be no limit to the initial rent. This is a rule that will be in force for 7 years.

Please note that if you have a lower income than the general price limits for rent by typology provided for the respective municipality here, the 2% limit on rent updating is also not imposed. In this case, if the lease is included in the Mais Habitação package, the landlord can increase, in addition to the 2%, the updating coefficients that have not been applied in the last three years, in relation to the last rent charged (0.43% in 2022, 5.43% in 2023, and 6.94% in 2024).

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