Compra de casa: Preços dos imóveis subiram em maio

House buying: Property prices increased in May.

Looking to buy a house in Portugal? Know that property prices have gone up last month. Get to know the numbers and find out how to access the best home loan.

14 Jun 20242 min

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Buying a house in Portugal became 1.2% more expensive in May

Buying a house in Portugal is getting more expensive: the price of properties increased in May. The average cost was recorded at 2,654 euros per square meter, showing a 1.2% rise in May compared to the previous month. 

The data is from the Idealista Index, disclosed by Notícias ao Minuto, and reveal that, considering the median value, the cost of buying a house increased from 2,622 euros per square meter in April to 2,654 euros per square meter in May.

House prices increased in 10 district capitals - Guarda (6.5%), Braga (5.4%) and Leiria (3.8%), Viseu (3%), Viana do Castelo (1.7%), Funchal (1.5%), Castelo Branco (1.4%), Faro (1.2%), Beja (0.9%) and Lisbon (0.6%).   

On the contrary, house prices have decreased in the district capitals of Portalegre (-4.1%), Coimbra (-1.2%), and Bragança (-0.9%).

In general, Lisbon remains the most expensive city to buy a house, with the cost per square meter reaching 5,619 euros, followed by Porto, reaching 3,560 euros per square meter, and Funchal, reaching 3,355 euros per square meter.

Faced with the annual variation, house prices in Portugal saw a 6.9% increase.  

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