Barreiro cada vez mais desenvolvido: Será hoje uma boa freguesia para morar?

Barreiro increasingly developed: Is it a good parish to live in today?

Looking for a house to buy, but still uncertain about the location? Barreiro may be an option to consider on your list. Increasingly developed, it is now also a cultural hub. Learn more about Barreiro and find out if it is a residential area worth considering.  

19 Dec 20234 min

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House buying is with Casa no Minuto. The right real estate agency for you, helping you find the property you are looking for! For financing, also the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto provide support, this service, for free, to help you find the credit suitable for you. But first get to know Barreiro as a location to live.

Buy a house to live in Barreiro, Setúbal.

Did you know that Barreiro is an urban area full of culture that has been increasingly developed? Located in the South Bank in Setúbal, which may cause some skepticism, but it can be an interesting parish to settle and live.

Learn about the history of Barreiro 

Next to the Tagus Estuary, the area emerged from repopulation after the Christian reconquest, being revived after the arrival of fishermen from the Algarve in the 15th century.

It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that Barreiro began to be an even more developed area with the construction of the Railway Station to Setúbal and Vendas Novas.

From there, the housing began to grow, with the birth of countless properties, commerce, and industries.

Note that in Barreiro, one of the historical landmarks is religion, as seen in the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.  

What do I find in Barreiro? 

In terms of walks, there is no shortage of green spaces in this area you will find in: Parque Catarina Eufémia, Passeio Ribeirinho Augusto Cabrita, Parque da Cidade, as well as in the Windmills and Tidal Mills, and in the Fluvial Beach of Alburrica.

To meet your needs and your family's, amenities are also available around the parish, such as a police station, supermarkets, schools, a hospital center and also the Barreiro Forum, a hub of diverse shops and services.

And as for distances, it's closer than you think: From Barreiro, it's only 40 minutes by car from the capital Lisbon, and even less by boat... 20 minutes from Terreiro do Paço.

Did you know that Barreiro is a culture aggregator?

Barreiro has been an aggregator of culture since early on: from the warehouses of the Ephemera archive-library of Pacheco Pereira, to the artistic mural by the artist Vhils.

There are already two warehouses that Pacheco Pereira has in Barreiro, where the work of collecting and documenting the collective memory of the parish is carried out. Managed by the Ephemera Cultural Association, they are cultural activity hubs, with exhibitions of historical archives, with collections, posters, photographs, and objects.

In addition, in Barreiro you will find the largest artistic mural by Vhils, a Portuguese artist named Alexandre Manuel Dias Farto.

The mural space connects the Baía do Tejo Business Park to downtown Barreiro, and was created as part of the requalification project of the former industrial area.

The mural is entitled "Up and Down," located in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood and extends for more than 150 meters. With the aim of interpreting and immortalizing the history of the industrial and factory life of the area, this mural attracts many visitors who appreciate art.

Looking for a house to buy in Barreiro

So, if you are looking for a house to buy and live in, why not consider putting Barreiro on the list of options? It is an interesting area that currently provides everything you need, ensuring the quality of life of the residents.

To move forward with purchasing a house, speak with a real estate agency that helps you find a property in Barreiro: Casa no Minuto provides this service and can accompany you throughout the process, negotiating the purchase price.

If you still need financing: A credit intermediary may be the service you need, at no cost. Contact Casa no Minuto and Poupança no Minuto for their respective services, and buy your house saving time and money!  


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