Casal jovem sentado em sofá com computador à frente e a sorrir simbolizando compra de casa por jovens com financiamento a 100% e isenções fiscais

100% home financing and tax exemptions for young people in force this month.

Are you young and want to buy a house? Starting this month, you won't need to give a down payment to the bank or pay taxes. Understand now.

17 May 20242 min

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If you are young, you will be able to buy a house with full financing and without taxes this month.

The two measures advanced by the Government regarding the purchase of a home by young people will be implemented this month. The issues at stake are public guarantee to finance 100% of the home purchase for young people and exemption of taxes associated with this process.

The measures arise in response to the housing crisis, aiming to keep young people in the country easier access to buying a house. They come from the new strategy "Build Portugal", with most proposals already in the Government's program.

Although there are few details about the public guarantee that will enable the 100% bank loan for the acquisition price by young people, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing clarified in a press conference on May 10 that it is being discussed with banking institutions and should advance within 15 days.

Also within the same deadline, there will be progress in the exemption of the Municipal Tax on Onerous Property Transfers (IMT) and Stamp Duty (IS), which will be applied to young people up to 35 years old and only for properties costing up to the fourth IMT bracket (316,772 euros in 2024).  

In addition, there is yet another measure to facilitate access to housing for young people through the reformulation of the rental support program aimed at young people up to 35 years old, with a subsidy covering a percentage of the rent - Porta 65. The objective, which will also be implemented within the same timeframe, is to end exclusions based on income limits (as is currently done by setting maximum rent ceilings that beneficiaries can apply for the program).

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