Dia Mundial da Poupança: Conheça 3 clientes que ajudámos a poupar em créditos e seguros

World Savings Day: Get to know 3 clients we helped save on loans and insurance.

Savings in a Minute's main purpose is to help customers save with their credits and insurance. Therefore, on World Savings Day, we show you 3 cases of customers we have assisted, who accessed the best proposals in their products, with our free services.

30 Oct 20235 min

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Marco: "Without a doubt, it was essential"

Marco was one of the clients we helped and guarantees that resorting to insurance mediation services provided access to the "best offer" as well as the "security of a professional in the field". 

Based on what Marco was looking for, our agents conducted research within what he indicated, providing options and "all the support for the completion of the process," as mentioned.

The client emphasizes that, in addition to having had support in finding and choosing the right proposal for themselves, by accessing our free services, they saved time comparing and analyzing different proposals.

Therefore, Marco concludes that the service of an insurance mediator "without a shadow of a doubt, was essential," for him to find the appropriate insurance within the "alternatives that were offered," which, he admits, he would not seek by himself.  

The options presented, along with their coverages, were based on the client's needs and preferences, which Marco points out to be "a differentiated and extremely important work in the search for the best cost-benefit."  

So, it was through a free service that our agents handled the research and documentation of this process, "with all safety and professionalism," as highlighted by Marco.

Kristen: "Helped me understand the entire process"

We helped Kristen with her home buying process in Portugal, with a mortgage for non-residents, without speaking Portuguese and starting the process "in dreamer mode", as she confesses to us.

Kristen began her search alone through platforms like Idealista, to study the market, values, and locations. Then, she hired "a small real estate agency recommended by a friend", which helped her understand exactly what she was looking for by sending lists of properties online to save time visiting properties.

For her non-resident housing credit, Kristen then turned to our credit intermediation services. In her case, she claims it was important to gather Portuguese and United States tax declarations, as well as her green receipts, necessary documents to submit to the bank when contracting the loan.

As a self-employed worker, Kristen admits that having help was essential, since her situation was "different from people with a work contract," but even that didn't make the intermediary back down.

The credit hiring took place entirely digitally, with the sending of documents "securely, through WeTransfer", and without needing to "translate or pay for translation", as the American points out.  

However, in other aspects, getting a loan for non-residents is not simple, and that's where our services were relevant for Kristen. "The credit intermediary helped me to understand the entire process of mortgage credit, and to negotiate with banks to ensure the best conditions," she emphasizes.

So, Kristen confesses that, after her experience with us, she started recommending credit intermediary services to friends. This is because, to those she told, it was hard to believe "how smoothly the process went": "I found the apartment, got my housing credit approved, made an offer for a property, signed the CPCV (Promise of Purchase and Sale Contract), and finalized the deed, all within just one month," notes the now owner.  

Clients like Kristen stating that they would not do "anything different" are rewarding for our agents. Essentially because she was another client we helped to get the best credit proposal, in order to save as much as possible with this installment.

Mónica: “I highly recommend, super professional”

Client Monica already knew our services, so she contacted us directly as the first step when she decided to buy a house in Portugal.

In this case, the acquisition of the property took place before the completion of the house, which was still under development with the builder.

With our help, Mónica had access to her non-resident mortgage credit facilitated. Just like Kristen, her process was handled digitally and securely.

The client indicates that the credit intermediary helped her "throughout the entire process, from the first contact to the deed", saving her from comparing the different financing simulations herself.  

Because they handled all the bureaucracy and helped choose the right loan for themselves, Mónica says: "Without a doubt, I strongly recommend, super professional."  

These are three cases where Minuto's Savings was successful in its mission to help customers save.

On this World Savings Day, choose to give your finances a break: Contact us and start saving with your loans and insurance today!


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