Carteira em mãos a retirar notas de 100 euros simbolizando prestação de maio

Home credit with variable rate? Your installment may decrease in May.

Do you have a mortgage with a variable rate linked to the Euribor? May brings good news! You may feel relief in your monthly installment reviewed this month of May. Check the simulations below.

09 May 20243 min

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If you are looking for greater savings on your monthly installment, renegotiate the conditions of your home loan or transfer it to another institution in order to access better conditions! Access the free services of credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto, or first check out the simulations involved.

May's monthly payment can decrease with the average Euribor rate from April.

The month of May brings relief from monthly payments on home loans, for contracts with variable rates indexed to the three, six, and 12-month Euribor, in the scheduled review for this month.  

The simulations are from DECO PROteste, published by Notícias ao Minuto, showing slight decreases.

The example used for the simulations is a scenario with a 150 thousand euro financing, 30-year repayment term, and a spread of 1%. & nbsp;

At stake are decreases of 25.36 euros in housing loans indexed to the 6-month Euribor, 3.65 euros in contracts indexed to the 3-month Euribor, and 4.87 euros in loans indexed to the 12-month Euribor.

In this example, the May installment, with the average Euribor rate of April, will be:  

  • 790.45 euros in the 6-month Euribor (average 3.838%);
  • 794.72 euros in Euribor at 3 months (average of 3.885%);
  • 778.23 euros in Euribor at 12 months (average of 3.703%). 

Facing the same scenario, these benefits differ from the values in the latest reviews as follows: 

  • 815.81 euros in Euribor at 6 months (November 2023 average - 4.115%);
  • 798,37 euros in 3-month Euribor (average of February 2024 - 3.925%);
  • 783.10 euros at the 12-month Euribor rate (May 2023 average - 3.757%).

Access an even lower monthly installment: Transfer your credit.

Feeling that the relief of your monthly installment has not been significant? Know that it is possible to lower with more significance and with immediate effect your installment, through other solutions.

Currently, the majority of banks have been promoting campaigns with mixed rates, where you access a lower fixed rate than variable rates for a certain period of your choice, returning to the Euribor-indexed rate when it is expected to decrease again.

You can access these campaigns by transferring your home loan to a new bank. This can be a simple and quick process, if you have the right help! The credit intermediaries of Poupança no Minuto handle all the mediation with the banks and all the paperwork for you, free of charge, to ensure that you find the best offer in the market, with the conditions you are looking for. [Visit website](

Simulate your credit transfer next and start your savings process!  


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