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Crédito habitação: O que difere a TAN da TAEG?
Housing Credit Acquisition

Mortgage credit: What is the difference between APR and APRC?

When buying a house through a bank loan, you may come across a language associated with mortgage credit that is somewhat complex. Such as the abbreviations related to interest rates, TMR and APR. So, what do they mean and represent?

11 Aug 20234 min

Glossário do crédito habitação
Housing Credit Acquisition

Mortgage glossary -

Are you going to apply for a mortgage to buy your home? Know that, throughout the process, you may come across expressions that can be confusing. We have prepared a glossary about mortgage credit to help you know everything.

11 Aug 202310 min

Discover all fees associated with mortgage credit.
Housing Credit Acquisition

Discover all fees associated with mortgage credit.

The fees associated with mortgage credit depend primarily on the type of interest rate you choose. Therefore, let's see what rate regimes exist, the impact of each one, and where you can analyze the cost of interest in the credit proposal.

08 Sep 20236 min

Como comparar propostas de crédito com TAEG e MTIC?
Housing Credit Acquisition

How to compare credit proposals with APR and total cost?

If you are in the process of applying for a loan, you should inform yourself in advance about the terms used so that you make the best financial decision. Comparing proposals before choosing the right credit conditions is essential. But what is the most realistic way to do it? That's what we will explain in this article.

25 Oct 20234 min

Comissões bancárias a aumentar: Banco de Portugal disponibiliza comparador
Housing Credit Acquisition

Banking commissions increasing: Banco de Portugal provides a comparator.

Bank commissions continue to be increased by banks, following the rise in interest rates. So, find out how to compare values and how to minimize the impact of this cost on housing credit.

26 Oct 20234 min

Spread 0% no crédito habitação? Atenção às letras pequeninas
Housing Credit Acquisition

Spread 0% on home loans? Pay attention to the fine print.

Currently, there are banks promoting home loan proposals with 0% spread, one of the rates of this financing. But it is always important to look at the fine print: What are the necessary conditions to access this type of proposal? Does it pay off compared to the other products that need to be hired?

22 Nov 20234 min

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