Vai começar um negócio? Saiba quais os seguros obrigatórios para empresa

Are you starting a business? Find out which mandatory insurances for companies are.

Are you starting a business and need to hire the mandatory insurance for a company? Find out which ones you need and how to streamline the process.

05 Apr 20243 min

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To facilitate the process of contracting various insurance policies, you can always access the free services of an insurance broker like Poupança no Minuto. Contact us to start the process! But first, read about the mandatory insurances.

To start a business, you must hire mandatory insurance.

If you are starting a business, you should know that you will need to hire certain mandatory insurance to protect yourself and your employees.

The requirement for insurance depends on the business you are bringing to life, since a restaurant will require different types of insurance, for example, than an office.

According to the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF), depending on the sector and activity of the business, you may need the following insurances:

  • Work accident insurance: Mandatory in all businesses and applicable to all workers, including independent service providers;  
  • Car insurance: Mandatory if the company manages vehicles in its fleet;  
  • Personal accident insurance: Mandatory for most activities, such as daycare centers, tourist animation companies, summer camps, and occupational activities. As a rule, any company hires this product for its employees, even if it is not mandatory in the industry.  
  • Liability insurance: Mandatory for industrial activities, as well as other activities involving work with others; 
  • Fire insurance: Mandatory for any company owning a property that is horizontally structured, in which case a multi-risk solution can be hired that offers other protections such as water damage or loss of raw materials.  

One of the most practical and cost-effective ways to hire insurance for your company, with mandatory and non-mandatory coverages, is to opt for a multi-risk insurance in order to achieve an integrated protection. This solution allows you to group multiple coverages and better protect your business.

Thus, instead of hiring different insurances, you can get a single policy that includes mandatory coverage.

But you can also hire an insurance group through a package tailored to your company's needs, with mandatory coverage and other optional ones that will bring you greater security.

Want to make this process even easier? Turn to an insurance mediator like Poupança no Minuto to hire the package tailored to what you are looking for and need! This mediates all the bureaucracy, communication, and negotiation with insurers, finding the proposal that best meets your needs. Contact us now and protect your business!


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