Poupe-se: A nova campanha do Poupança no Minuto vai ajudar a poupar e ser poupado

Save yourself: The new Poupança no Minuto campaign will help you save and be spared.

We have launched a new campaign called "Save Yourself", aiming to make a difference in the credit intermediation and insurance mediation segment.    

27 May 20242 min

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"Spare yourself" aims to help those who want to save.

Strengthening its values and brand image, Poupança no Minuto aims with its new campaign "Save Yourself" to be a reliable support for its customers.

All with one purpose always: Helping those who want to save and be saved! Within the services of home loan acquisition, personal loan, home loan transfer, credit consolidation, hiring and transfer of insurance.

The campaign describes numerous situations that a client goes through when hiring a loan or insurance without the help of experts. Such as delays in the response process, wasting time comparing proposals from different entities, or having to deal with a complex and exhaustive bureaucratic process. 

The "Poupe-se" aims to demonstrate to customers of these products that it is possible to save themselves from these issues by hiring an intermediary and mediator capable of bridging the gap between them, banks, and insurers, in order to streamline the entire process. The services of these agents do not have any cost to the customer.

So, by using the services of Poupança no Minuto, we guarantee that you will save, throughout the process: time, money, efforts, patience, work, stress, frustrations, inconveniences, negotiations, doubts, and errors.

This is done through experienced agents available at all times, with concise explanations and advanced knowledge, empathy, attention, honesty, honest open-minded opinions, a sense of collectivity, and flexibility.

The promises we set can be proven in this new campaign, with a clear focus on greater proximity with our customers.

To fulfill our promise, we also guarantee a page of current and informative articles with tips on the financial universe, a weekly newsletter with all the highlights you should be aware of, and also a workshop for companies to help those who want to manage their finances better!  

You can simulate your credit here, or contact an agent directly at this link.


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