Novo Simplex na habitação: “É um retrocesso na exigência de regulamentação”

New Simplex in housing: "It is a setback in regulatory requirements"

Following the new Simplex document, which exempts the presentation of property licenses in the purchase and sale of houses, we spoke with real estate consultants from Casa no Minuto about the advantages and disadvantages of this document.

13 Feb 20243 min

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"Come to provide a simplification of documentation"

The new Simplex document for urban licensing, which exempts the obligation of construction and housing licenses at the time of property transaction, has sparked some controversial opinions. Will it be an effective measure in practical terms? The real estate consultants from Casa no Minuto explain the positive points and risks associated with this new rule. Casa no Minuto consultants.

In general, consultant João Mateus explains that the Simplex in housing "comes to provide simplification of documentation, that is, less bureaucracy and fewer procedures in licensing", which will "make the real estate market more dynamic, facilitating both buyers and sellers in the buying and selling process".

On a positive note, consultant Denise Filipe explains that the Simplex will bring "reduction of bureaucracies and deadlines" to carry out real estate transactions, since it exempts the obligation to present the technical form and the permit of use", in addition to the "possibility of acquiring properties for lower values".  

With the risk involved in acquiring a property without a license, it still has the advantage of being "an opportunity for buyers to have a greater margin for negotiation, resulting in the acquisition of these properties at a lower price," explains the consultant.

"It made it difficult for the consumer to access information and resolution"

However, as risks associated with the enforcement of this document, Denise points out the "possibility of properties without a usage license being transacted and causing problems for those who acquire them," considering "a setback in the requirement for regulation of construction and habitability conditions".

Given the level of risk of property acquisition without licensing, the consultant states that it is most likely that housing prices will not rise due to the "possibility of an increase in the number of properties entering the market".

However, it is worth noting that "there are several monitoring entities" responsible for "measures related to Simplex to be implemented in Municipalities," as highlighted by consultant João Mateus.

Given his experience, the consultant also states that this document, on one hand, "simplified some things, but on the other hand it made it difficult for the consumer to access information and resolution," which can be attributed to "the lack of human resources".

In this sense, I think they should improve the ability to respond to the services requested by consumers. For example, registration procedures are extremely slow both in commercial and property. There is a lack of human resources in the services to meet the requirements of the services," concludes João Mateus.

Note that this diploma determines that it is no longer mandatory to present use licenses to purchase a property. It is a document that includes 26 measures related to urban licensing, to make housing in Portugal more accessible, with this measure already in effect since January 1.

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