Quero fazer obras em casa: Ao que devo atentar?

I want to do work at home: What should I pay attention to?

Want to do renovations at home? There are some aspects you should pay attention to before starting the work.    

12 Mar 20244 min

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What should I pay attention to when wanting to do renovations at home?

The Idealista provides some advice and tips to consider regarding carrying out renovations at home.  

Performing works on a property can impact not only the owner, but the rest of the building and condominium. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to certain legal aspects.

Therefore, if you are thinking about making improvements, pay attention to the following: 

Beware of the noise caused by the construction works.

According to the platform, due to the noise caused by the works, they are only allowed to be carried out on weekdays, from 8 am until 8 pm.

"Although this type of works carried out inside housing, commerce or services buildings are not subject to the issuance of a special noise license, according to the General Noise Regulation, we advise you to post information in a place accessible to the residents of the building, with the expected duration of the works and their schedule", it can be read.

Trash produced by the works may require a public road occupation permit.

Since the debris caused by the works may require a license to occupy public roads, you should contact the City Council to understand the need to place containers or material deposits, scaffolding or hoardings. The municipality itself may indicate how to dispose of the waste caused by the works.

Be aware of situations where a license is required.

There are situations in which a license from the Chamber is required, such as works on the facade of a building like “increasing it, changing the number of floors or painting it, a licensing request must be made to the Chamber. But if it's just a touch-up on the paint, it is not required and you don't need to notify the local authority”, explains Idealista.

A license may also be required if you want to close a balcony and turn it into a marquee, but it depends on the municipality where the property is located. Therefore, you should inquire with the respective city hall. However, in the case of a building in horizontal property, the alteration will always have to be authorized by the condominium by a two-thirds majority.  

And a building permit may also be required if rebuilding a ruined house, if the property or building in question is located in a protected area of classified properties or in the process of being classified.

According to the platform, these are the situations of works in which you do not need to ask for a license: works on the roof, taking down interior walls, installing solar panels, and building a swimming pool.

You must be aware that, if you do not obtain a license for the necessary cases and proceed with the work anyway, Portuguese legislation stipulates fines in the event of a violation between 500 and 200 thousand euros. 

Get ready for a construction inspection at any time.

"In cases where a license from the municipal authority is required, the work may be inspected at any time without prior notice, although this inspection is limited to the site of the work stipulated in the license," warns Idealista.

Notice that a contract may still be required, according to the law in Portugal, if the works exceed a budget of 20 thousand euros, to include the identification of the parties, permits, works to be carried out and respective materials to be used, total value of the work, completion deadline, and penalties in case of delays.  

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