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How much do I pay in commission for early repayment on home loans?

Until the end of the year, no commission is charged for early repayment of the home loan. Learn about the special regime and how much is charged outside of the current regime.

16 May 20242 min

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It may be a good time to amortize the capital owed on your credit.

The commission fee for early repayment on the mortgage credit depends on several factors. However, currently, the fee is nil: a special regime exempts borrowers from paying this commission.

Therefore, if you want to amortize part or all of your home loan in order to end the debt and not have to pay monthly installments for more monthly flexibility: this year may be the ideal time to do so. 

"In 2024, variable rate home loans do not pay early repayment commission. If you have some savings aside, and a variable rate home loan, it may be a good time to repay the outstanding capital on your loan", explains DECO PROteste, in a news article from Notícias ao Minuto.

But what if the special regime currently in place ends next year, how much will you pay in prepayment fees on this loan?

As a rule, the amount for early repayment of your mortgage corresponds to 0.5% in variable rate loans - five euros for every 1,000 euros amortized. And in fixed rate loans, the fee is 2% - 20 euros for every 1,000 euros amortized.

Note that there are no minimum values ​​to amortize your home loan, and the amortization can be partial according to the amount you have available, or total.

"However, the higher the amount to be amortized, the lower the interest value to be paid, and consequently, the lower the monthly installment to be paid to the bank," reads the news article, citing DECO."

Looking to save on your home loan? Amortizing, renegotiating conditions or transferring it may be viable options to achieve monthly savings on this expense. To do so, know that the credit intermediaries from Poupança no Minuto do not charge any fees to help you throughout the process! Contact us here: 


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