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Can I choose the mortgage before choosing the house?

Is it possible to start dealing with the home loan before choosing the property? The answer is yes! Find out how in the following.

15 May 20242 min

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Can I choose the home loan before the property?  

Before choosing the property you want to acquire, know that you don't need to wait to start dealing with your home loan credit.

This is so that you can manage expectations regarding the maximum value you can provide for your new home.

In other words, you can contact banking institutions in advance in order to make simulations according to the assessment of your solvency.

Banks will analyze your income, obtain your effort rate to understand the maximum value limit that your financial context allows to cover.

By obtaining a pre-approval for a housing loan, it will be easier to choose the property as you already know the maximum amount you can afford. It will also be faster, as it is a phase already taken care of when you want to make an offer to acquire the chosen property. This will also put you in a position of advantage to negotiate the price with the seller.

Having this process resolved in advance will guarantee you more space to evaluate different scenarios and to reflect on what you are looking for.  

Using a credit intermediary can be the ideal solution.

The ideal in this process will be, until, to contact a credit intermediary who guides you through the bureaucratic part of the process.

The service of credit intermediaries, such as in Poupança no Minuto, has no costs and mediates between the client and the various banks. Then, it collects simulations from each institution , with the conditions that each one proposes to grant according to the financial profile of the potential borrower and presents it to them.

Given your needs and preferences, the designated intermediary for your process will advise you on the proposal that best suits you.  

This way, ensures the best market conditions for your housing credit, even if you have not made the definitive choice of the property.  

Want to move forward? Simulate now your housing credit, through our simulator, and give credit to your dreams!  


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