Menos créditos habitação contratados em janeiro? Saiba como contratar

Less housing credits contracted in January? Find out how to contract.

According to data released, fewer housing credits were contracted in January. Are you looking for one to contract? Read the numbers in question and how to contract your home financing, then.

05 Mar 20242 min

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Mortgage credit is the specialty of the credit intermediaries at Poupança no Minuto: Contact us and sign yours now! But first read about the concerns regarding the slowdown in contracting this product.

Housing credit hiring slowed down in January.

Through data from the Bank of Portugal shared by Notícias ao Minuto, home purchase loans slowed down in January.

The total value of housing loans was 98.7 million euros in January, 0.2 billion euros less than in December 2023.  

Compared to January 2023, this type of loans slowed down by 1.3%, according to the same data.

"The housing loans granted to individuals in the euro area registered a negative variation (-0.1%), but less pronounced than that observed in Portugal. In contrast, Portugal shows a greater dynamism in consumer loans than the euro area, which presented a growth rate of 2.8%," the news reads.

On an annual basis, the total amount of credits to individuals decreased by -0.2% for the 5th consecutive month.

Regarding consumer loans, the total value reached 21.2 billion euros, which is 0.1 billion more than in December 2023. Compared to January 2023, there was an increase of 5.4%.  

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