Poupança mensal de 275 euros: Como o João e a Carla consolidaram os seus créditos
Personal Consolidated Credit

Monthly savings of 275 euros: How João and Carla consolidated their debts.

By consolidating their credits, João and Carla saved 275 euros monthly and 3,303.72 euros annually. Find out how!

02 May 20243 min

Crédito ao consumo cada vez mais contratado para fazer face a despesas
Personal Credit Emergencies

Consumer credit increasingly contracted to meet expenses, <URL>.

Data reveals that Portuguese people have been increasingly contracting consumer credits to cover their expenses, as well as for more frivolous costs.

09 Apr 20245 min

Como contratar um crédito automóvel?
Personal Car Loan

How to hire a car credit?

An auto loan is a personal financing with the specific purpose of purchasing a vehicle. But how does it work, what requirements are necessary and what should you decide before contracting? We will explain next.

26 Mar 20245 min

Taxas dos créditos aos consumidores aumentam: Como conseguir as melhores?
Personal Car Loan

Consumer credit rates rise: How to get the best ones?

In the second quarter, the maximum interest rates on consumer loans increased, according to the Bank of Portugal (BdP). Want to know how to get the best rates in the market for these loans? Read this article.

15 Mar 20242 min

IUC: O que é, quando se paga e o que muda em 2024
Personal Car Loan

IUC: What it is, when it is paid, and what changes in 2024

Do you have a car? Find out why you have to pay the vehicle tax, how much it is, and what changes this year.

11 Mar 20244 min

Tem direito ao apoio para formação digital? Se não, contrate o crédito pessoal formação
Personal loan training

Are you entitled to support for digital training? If not, hire personal training credit.

The IEFP has launched a 750 euros support for workers, but do you meet the requirements to apply? If not, we introduce you to personal training credit.

28 Feb 20242 min

Famílias cada vez com mais créditos. O que fazer?
Personal Consolidated Credit

Families increasing their debts. What to do?

According to DECO Proteste, some families have 20 loans, with credit cards being the main cause. But how to ease this credit burden? Get to know the options next.

24 Jan 20244 min

Saiba todos os documentos de identificação que pode ter no telemóvel
Personal Car Loan

Learn all identification documents you can have on your mobile phone.

Now it's possible to replace your identification documents with the digital version, in a government application that brings together documentation. But how does this innovation work?

27 Nov 20234 min

Quanto gasto com a compra de um carro?
Personal Car Loan

How much do I spend on buying a car?

Buying a car is an important feat in anyone's life, not only due to the responsibility it implies, but also because of the impact it will have on the wallet. From credit, to insurance and maintenance expenses, having a car is impactful on the budget, but how much?

14 Nov 20234 min

Ida para a Universidade: Como decorar casa partilhada sem gastar muito?
Personal loan training

Going to University: How to decorate a shared house without spending much?

Go to university in September, to a shared house, and want to make the space welcoming without spending a lot of money? Get to know some tips to feel at home, and not exceed your savings.

08 Sep 20234 min

Vai para a faculdade com o orçamento apertado? Conheça o crédito para estudantes
Personal loan training

Going to college on a tight budget? Check out student loans at [URL] for assistance.

The school year is almost here and it's time to start organizing the budget. Taking a course can be expensive, that's why there are financial products to help you, such as personal loans for students. Is your next future project to study? Find out how this credit works.

22 Aug 20234 min

What does it mean to consolidate credits?
Personal Consolidated Credit

What does it mean to consolidate credits?

The sudden loss of income or the increase in interest rates can lead to situations of default in the payment of credit installments. An option capable of providing immediate savings is credit consolidation. How does it work?

11 Aug 20234 min

Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?
Personal Credit Emergencies

Can I take out a personal loan to pay off another loan?

Depending on the type of credit to be settled, it is possible to hire a personal loan to do so. However, there are some factors to consider so that the personal loan is approved. We explain everything in this article.

11 Aug 20233 min

Vale a pena subscrever um seguro de proteção ao crédito?
Personal Car Loan

Is it worth subscribing to a credit protection insurance?

Are you afraid you won't be able to pay off a loan due to unexpected events like involuntary unemployment or an accident that causes disability? This is where a credit protection insurance comes in. However, this is an insurance that requires many requirements. Let's explain how this insurance works.

11 Aug 20234 min

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