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"Rent to sublet" foresees allocating 46 more houses by June

The Mais Habitação package will allocate a total of 78 houses by June. Check the numbers, then visit the website.

23 May 20242 min

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"Leasing out to sublease" will still assign 46 more houses by June.

The Government's housing program "Rent to Sublease" has allocated 33 houses with sublease contracts so far.

Until June, the forecast is that a total of 78 houses will be assigned: 24 units in May and 22 in June.

The numbers can be read in Notícias ao Minuto news, released by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing, revealing that, in total, until the current deadline, this program allowed to provide 104 housing units.

"At this moment, and according to data from IHRU [Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute], the program has made available, through competition, 104 houses," as stated in the news, according to an official source from the Ministry of Infrastructure.

This program was one of the measures provided by the Mais Habitação package with the aim of increasing the number of houses in the rental market.

The goal is for the State to be able to lease to private individuals, houses "that are vacant in order to then sublease them, with tax benefits for the income from the rent paid to the owner in case the contract has a duration of not less than five years and the rent amount is in accordance with the prices and typologies provided for in the Affordable Rent Support Program (PAA)", as also stated in the news.  

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