Tem direito ao apoio para formação digital? Se não, contrate o crédito pessoal formação

Are you entitled to support for digital training? If not, hire personal training credit.

The IEFP has launched a 750 euros support for workers, but do you meet the requirements to apply? If not, we introduce you to personal training credit.

28 Feb 20242 min

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If you need a loan or to renegotiate the conditions of a financing you have already contracted, contact a credit intermediary: Poupança no Minuto offers the service, without having to worry about bureaucracy. But first, get to know the support and the credit in question.

IEFP launches support of 750 euros for workers: Find out the requirements

The 750 euro support "Training Voucher + Digital" from IEFP aims to strengthen digital skills in areas such as cybersecurity or social media management.  

It is aimed at workers from any industry or background and, according to DECO PROteste, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto, they can apply: 

  • Employees; https://www.example.com/
  • Independent workers, whether they have business or professional income;
  • Individual business owners;
  • Single-member company partners;
  • "And workers in public functions."  

However, there are candidates who will be given priority, such as:  

  • Participants in the digital transformation processes of companies or organizations in the social economy sector where they work; 
  • At risk of unemployment;
  • Low level of digital knowledge;
  • Of the least represented gender in a certain profession." 

If you want to apply and get more information about the support for this training, check out the IEFP website.

Excluded from support requirements? Hire a personal training credit.

Did you know that you can hire a personal loan specifically for training? If you want to go back to studying, consolidate your education or learn a new area of study for your profession, this can be an option for you.

This financing can be directed to trainings in Portugal or abroad, and aims to cover tuition fees and accommodation.

Investing in training is investing in yourself. Talk to a credit intermediary from Poupança no Minuto and find the credit with the best conditions for you, through a free service that simplifies the whole process!


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